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Shania's Opening in Las Vegas! "Still the One" is scheduled to open at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on December 1, 2012! This is Shania Twain's show that will run for two years at the Colosseum: it is billed as a fantastic musical and visual experience for Shania fans to see! To follow live reports with photos from the opening night of the show, make sure to check the Shania Boards!
Shania's arrival in Las Vegas did not go unoticed: Shania decided to ride her way to the Caesars, welcomed by the many fans already in town. To see more photos and videos of the event, go HERE!

Remember for all information about the shows and how to buy tickets, go to Shania Twain Las Vegas.

Shania Kids Can Charity! Shania's charity "Shania Kids Can" will have a very special event planned for the opening night of Shania's show in Las Vegas on December 1, 2012. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a party hosted by Shania at the Caesars Palace right after Shania's first show. There will be a silent auction of Shania memorabilia to raise funds for the charity. There are still few tickets left for the fans, for more information and to buy a ticket to the charity event, clich HERE!
Remember the you can always donate to the Shania Kids Can charity by going to:

Super Shania fan DOCBill is also running the marathon in Las Vegas on December 2 to raise funds for Shania Kids Can. To learn more about how to make a donation, click HERE!

Shania Duets with Lionel! As part of a new album of duets, Lionel Richie has selected Shania Twain to record his song "Endless Love" with him. You can now buy the the song HERE and the CD single exclusively at Walmart! To talk about Shania's new duet, go to the Shania Boards!
New Shania Single Released! On June 12th Shania released her new single titled "Today is Your Day" on Itunes. This is Shania's first song since her Greatest Hits CD in 2004. Shania wrote and recorded the song during her docuseries "Why Not?" on the OWN network.

Download "Today is Your Day" HERE!
Watch "Today is Your Day" Video HERE!

To talk about the new song with other Shania fans, go to the Shania Boards!
Shania's Autobiography out NOW! Atria Books has released Shania's autobiography titled "From This Moment On" on May 3, 2011. Shania fans will now have the opportunity to read Shania's own words about her life. To talk with other fans about the bibliography and its contents, go HERE!


Shania Presents at 2011 CMT Music Awards! Shania attended the 2011 CMT Music Awards show in Nashville on June 8th where she presented the Male Video of the Year award to Blake Shelton after slipping on her way to the stage. Thank God no serious harm for Shania! Shania and Taylor Swift opened the show with a parody of the movie "Thelma and Louise."  To see photos of the event, click HERE!
Shania Gets Hollywood Star! On June 2nd, 2011 Shania Twain received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during a ceremony in front of her family and fans. Bo Derek introduced Shania. To see photos and videos of the ceremony, click HERE!
Shania On Oprah! On May 3, the day of the release of her autobiography, Shania visited the Oprah Show for a full hour interview about her life, career, autobiography and her OWN TV series "Why Not?". For more information about Shania's revelations during the interview, links to online videos of the interview and stills, go HERE!
Shania On Today Show and Nightline! Three TV interviews for Shania on May 4 to promote her autobiography and upcoming docuseries on the OWN network: the first set of interviews were live on the Today Show, the third inteview was taped with Nightline. Click on the TV show names above to see transcripts and watch those interviews online, and to discuss with other Shania fans about Shania's TV appearances!
Shania in Canadian Hall of Fame! Shania Twain was the 2011 inductee in the Canadian Hall of Fame! The ceremony took place during the 40th Juno Awards show, airing live  from Toronto on March 27th. Fellow Canadian rocker Bryan Adams introduced Shania during the show. For all details and photos from this event, go HERE!
Shania Is Great Guest Judge and Mentor on American Idol! Shania appeared on the January 19th episode of the show "American Idol" as a guest judge for the auditions from Chicago. By all accounts, everyone was impressed by Shania's participation and her supportive advice to the many hopefuls. She later returned to the show as a mentor in late April to judge the finalists sing her songs. To discuss with other fans about Shania's participation to American Idol this season and see some great vidcaps, click HERE!
Shania Launches New Charity! The "Shania Kids Can" is a new charity recently started by Shania to help children with personal challenges in their daily life become success stories socially, behaviorally and academically. The focus of this charity is to support educators in primary level schools identify the children in need to help them overcome their problems. For more information on this program and how to contribute with your personal donations, click HERE!
Shania Carries Olympic Torch in Timmins! On January 1, 2010 Shania Twain was the last runner in the Olympic torch relay that went through Shania's hometown of Timmins in Ontario. Thousands of fans waited for Shania in freezing temperatures (-40C!): the wait was worth it every bit of it. Shania enthusiatically carried the torch to the stage in Hollinger Park where she lit the Olympic caldron. To see photos and videos from this event with Shania, and read the stories of the fans who assisted, click HERE!
Shania Writes New Personal Message, Updates Fans on New Music and Life! After the first message released to her fans about a year ago right after the announcement of the end of her marriage, on June 12th, 2009 Shania Twain issued through her official websites a new personal message to her fans with information on her life and songwriting since last year. To read Shania's personal message, go HERE! To read Shania fans' comments on Shania's letter and write your own message to Shania, click HERE! Show Your Support to SHANIA!
Shania Surprises CMA Awards Show! The surprise about Shania attending the 2008 CMA Awards show was finally revealed only few hours before the broadcast in Nashville. Welcomed by her peers with a standing ovation, Shania presented the CMA Entertainer of The Year award and promised to spend more time in Nashville! To see all photos, vidcaps and the fans' comments about Shania's return to the public spot, go HERE!
Shania at 2007 ACM Awards Show! Shania Twain participated to the 2007 ACM Awards show on May 15, 2007 from Las Vegas. She introduced the show host Reba and presented the Entertainer of the Year Award. To read more about the details of Shania's participation and see photos/vidcaps and fans' comments about the show, click HERE!
2006 STNAOFC Fundraiser Total: $1,069.16! Dear Super Shania Fans, the Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club had its annual Fundraiser to support America's Second Harvest, one of Shania's favorite charities. As in previous years, the fundraiser accepted donations and raised money with special auctions of Shania memorabilia on Ebay. The fundraiser started on December 18, 2006 and ended on January 17, 2007, bringing in a total of $1,069.16. A HUGE Thank You to all Shania fans who helped out and participated in the fundraiser this year! Stay tuned for another fundraiser to take place in 2007! 
For a detailed list of the great Shania memorabilia that have been auctioned off on Ebay during the 2006 fundraiser, including fantastic items signed by Shania, check out the fundraiser page:

Shania To Honor Dolly! Shania Twain will perform on December 3 at the Kennedy Center to honor Dolly Parton who will be receiving the Kennedy Center Honor Award for lifetime contribution to the arts and American culture. Shania attended the gala dinner organized on December 2. The show will air on CBS at 9 PM ET on December 26th. For more information and to see more photos of Shania at the dinner and performing go HERE!
Shania To Have Hollywood Star! The organizing committee of the Hollywood Walk of Fame has screened the many thousands of names submitted to be selected for the 2007 series of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Shania Twain is among the recording artists to receive this recognition! Stay tuned for the official date of the ceremony in Los Angeles. For more details on Shania's Star, click HERE!
Shania Gets Order of Canada! During a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on November 18, Shania Twain was awarded the Order of Canada recognition by Governor General Michaelle Jean. The Order of Canada is the highest honour for lifetime achievement for civilians in Canada. Congratulations Shania! To see videos of Shania receiving the honor and photos of the event, click HERE!
Shania On "The Apprentice"! The Thanksgiving episode of the NBC show "The Apprentice" had a great surprise: Shania Twain as a guest! The two competing teams were given the task to promote Shania's fragrance for Coty, "Shania by Stetson," and the winning team got to go horse back riding and have dinner with Shania! To learn how to watch a video online at the Yahoo Apprentice website with the Shania part, click HERE! To see vidcaps made by DAX and photos of the show with Shania, go HERE!
CityLine's GREAT Shania Interview! Shania was a guest on November 17 on the TV show "CityLine" on the CHUM network. It was a very long interview about her life, her career, her future and her charital work. Shania became very emotional when talking about her family, and pledged to help charities that fight hunger, especially those who help kids. To read more about this fantastic interview and see vidcaps made by DAX from this show, go HERE!
Shania On Martha! Shania Twain was a guest on the November 15 episode of the Martha Stewart show. During this episode, the show aired a video of Shania and Martha horseback riding last weekend, and then Shania got to help Martha in preparing a grilled cheese sandwich. The recipe of the episode was "Poutine" a typical Canadian dish, prepared by Shania and Martha. The show ended with Shania talking about her new perfume "Shania by Stetson." To read a detailed summart of this episode and see great vidcaps made by woody03 and DAX, go HERE!
Click to Enlarge!Shania Release's Greatest Hits CD! Shania Twain's "Greatest Hits" CD has been released worldwide in  November, 2004. The album has 21 tracks, with three new songs, including  the latest single just released: "I Ain't No Quitter." The video was shot in Tijuana and features Shania singing, dancing a country swing, with some line dancing! To see a full series of vidcaps from this new video made by Ford, go HERE! To read the fans' comments and see more vidcaps of the video made by DAX and cbspock, click HERE
Shania on Larry King LIVE! Shania Twain spent one hour with Larry King for a thorough interview on June 17. Shania talked about her beginnings, her life early on, the music business world, her career and work. To read the fans' comments and trascripts, and to see great vidcaps of the show, go HERE!
NEW A&E Shania Biography! The A&E channel aired a new "Biography: Shania Twain" show on June 17. The episode has been updated with new interviews about Shania with Billy Currington and Dolly Parton, as well as Tracy from the Shania Centre, in addition to new old-footage of Shania and photos. To read a detailed description of the show and see GREAT vidcaps from cbspock, click HERE!
Shania's Homecoming Special! The Canadian TV channel CTV aired a new Shania Special on the occasion of Shania's Homecoming to Timmins, Ontario on November 2, 2004. During the show, Shania visits her previous highschool where she makes a donation to the music department; meets with children and former band members; and visits the Shania Twain Centre for the first time. For a detailed report on the special and to see GREAT vidcaps made by DAX, go HERE! To read the fans' comments and reports about the Shania Twain Day and Shania's visit to Timmins and to see photos of the event, go HERE!
Shania Performs, Presents CMAs 2004! On November 9 Shania Twain participated as a performer and a special guest to the 2004 CMAs Awards show from Nashville. CBS aired the show, while CMT aired the red carpet part. Shania started the night by introducing the Song of the year award, then performed a rocking version of "Party For Two" with Billy Currington, and concluded with a presentation of Jimmy Buffet's performance. Well done Shania! To see a series of great vidcaps made by Ford, go HERE! To read the fans' comments about the show and see photos/vidcaps from Shania's performance and hosting segments, click HERE!
Shania Counts Down Her Top Videos! On November 26 Shania Twain participated to the CMT US show "Top 20 Countdown Shania Special" to count down her top 20 videos according to the fans' votes. Shania also answered questions emailed in by the fans: to read more about the Shania countdown, the complete ranking of her videos and her answers, click HERE! To see a full series of vidcaps from the show made by Ford, go HERE!
Shania ROCKS Good Morning America! As the first concert for the "Good Morning America" series of "Women Who Rock," Shania Twain performed from downtown Nashville during the ABC morning show on November 5. Shania did 4 songs, including her new single "Party For Two" with Billy Currington. Diane Sawyer also got to interview Shania briefly during the show. To see a full series of great vidcaps made by Ford, click HERE! To read the fans' comments and see their photos, go HERE!
Shania on "Wetten, Dass?" With Billy! Shania Twain has started her European promotion for the first single from her Greatest Hits CD that will be released on November 8 overseas. Shania and Billy Currington performed the pop version of "Party For Two" on the German show "Wetten, dass...?" on the ZDF channel on October 2, 2004. To see videocaptures of the perforrmance  made by the German Shania Twain Fan Club, click HERE! To see a series of vidcaps made by Hans, go HERE! If you want to read about the performance and for more details, checkout this thread on the Shania Boards.!
Shania Wins 3 at Billboards Awards! Shania takes home 3 awards from the 2003 "Billboards Awards" show in Las Vegas MGM Grand on Dec. 10! Congratulations Shania! Shania not only received the awards for Country Artist of the Year, Country Album of the Year for "UP!" and Country Album's Artist of the Year, but she also performed on stage with 100 children "She's Not Just A Pretty Face!" To read the fans' GREAT comments about that night, click HERE! To see a series of wonderful vidcaps by Ford, go HERE!
Shania's NEW TV Special "UP!Close and Personal"! Shania Twain has taped a new TV Special in Nashville: the special lasts one hour and shows a more intimate side of Shania. She sings her most popular songs backed up by Alison Krauss and the Union Station band. Following the famous TV Special Elvis Presley had for his comeback, Shania sings in front of a small crowd, in a very acustic setting. To read the GREAT comments from Shania fans who have seen the show and to see photos from the special, go HERE! To see a full series of GREAT vidcaps by FORD, click HERE!
Shania on Oprah! Shania Twain was one of the guests of the "Oprah Show" that aired on Nov. 5! Shania got to meet and sing with Dolly Parton the song "Coat of Many Colors" recorded for Dolly's tribute album "Just Because I 'm a Woman." Shania talked about the meaning of Dolly's music to her in her life, and during the "After The Show" part of the taping she joined in Melissa Etheridge, Alison Kraus and Dolly for "9 to 5." To read the fans' fantastic reviews of this show and to see great vidcaps made by Ford and Dax click HERE! To watch part of the "After the Show" episode online, go HERE! To see a series of vidcaps made by Ford, go HERE!
4 CCMAs for Shania! Shania Twain won 4 more CCMA awards in Calgary on Sep. 8! Shania  grabbed the awards for Album of the Year (UP!), Top Selling Album (UP!), Video of the Year (I'm Gonna Getcha Good!), and Female Vocalist of the Year! during the show Shania also presented Sylvia Tyson who was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. To read the fans' comments and see photos from the show, go HERE! To see a series of vidcaps of Shania from her participation to the 2003 CCMA show made by Ford, go HERE!
Morning Show for Shania! Shania Twain performed on the CBS Early Morning Show on Aug. 20. The mini-concert was actually taped on Aug. 1  and Shania sang four songs for the crowd of fans, but only three songs were actually aired by CBS. To read the fans' comments and see vidcaps from the performance go HERE! To see a series of vidcaps made by Ford click HERE!
NBC TV Special: GREAT SHANIA! On Aug. 19 NBC aired the Chicago concert that was previously taped at Grant Park on July 27: this special was 2 hours long and showed Shania visiting the KIDS Cafe location in Chicago as well as meeting Sammy Sosa of the Chicago CUBS! The show was PURE energy: many great songs and a Wonderful Shania in great shape and ready for this fall tour! To read the fans' comments about the TV Special and see vidcaps posted by Dax and Mary, go HERE! To see a series of vidcaps of the special made by Ford, go HERE!
Shania Performs on Today Show! Shania Twain performed during the NBC "Today Show" on Aug. 1 as part of the Toyota Summer Series! She sang three songs and signed autographs for the happy fans who were there! To watch Shania's performance online at NBC go HERE! To see great vidcaps made by Ford, click HERE! To read the fans' comments, check out the messageboard!
Intimate Shania Portrait! The Lifetime Channel has aired a new episode on Shania for the series "Intimate Portrait." The show presents Shania's personal and professional life over an hour of interviews with people who have met her and know her. To read the fans' comments on the show and to see vidcaps made by Ford go HERE! To see short clips of Shania being interviewed click HERE!
Shania Sings to Willie! During the "Willie Nelson & Friends: LIVE & Kickin'" special Shania Twain sang "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain" in duet with Willie Nelson who was celebrating his 70th birthday. Shania also performed "Forever and For Always" and sang "Happy Birthday" to Willie! The special was a great show: you can pre-order the CD that will be released on June 24: go HERE! Check the USA Network listing for repeats! You can see GREAT vidcaps of Shania's performances made by Ford HERE!
Shania and Stevie Wonder!Shania and Stevie Wonder! On May 22, Shania Twain performed with Stevie Wonder: her childhood dream came true! Shania participated to the VH1 show "Divas Duets 2003!" where she sang "Superstition" with Stevie! To see vidcaps of the show made by Ford, go HERE!
Vidcap of Forever and For Always Video!Forever and For Always Video Premieres! Shania Twain's video for her new single "Forever and For Always" has premiered on both CMT and GAC, and it will soon appear on VH1. The video has been shot in New Zealand and shows the story of a coupleVidcap from Forever and For Always Video!growing old together. Most of the video is shot on a beach, with Shania showing a really natural look, glowing in her beauty! To view vidcaps of the video made by Ford go HERE! To read comments from other fans, go HERE! To view the video online, go to! Remember to vote for the new video at CMT MWL! We want it at #1!
Shania on the Dutch Lottery Show!Shania in the Netherlands! On Feb. 25 Shania was in the Netherlands to promote her new European single "Ka Ching!". She went first to "Sky Radio" station where she was interviewed and chatted online with some fans! She later sang the new single and "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" on the Dutch Lottery Show and the crowd went NUTS! To see vidcaps from the show made by Mr. Lunatic and Kirppu, and to read comments from those who were there, go HERE! Thank you to all the ones who provided info and photos!
Shania on the Star for a Night Show
On Feb. 21 Shania was in Denmark to participate to two TV shows: "Boogie" and "Star for a Night." During the first show, they aired the video for the new European single for the first time! For more info and photos, go HERE!
Videocapture by Ford!"What Is Like : The Return of Shania!" VH1 has premiered a new special on Shania: a behind the scene with Shania while she promotes the release of UP! in North America! A MUST for all Shania fans to watch: watch Shania giving interviews, talking about food and clothes, and running around during the promotion whem she meets the fans! Click HERE to see vidcaps made by Ford! For comments and notes ont he show, go HERE!
Shania at the SuperBowl!SUPER Shania at the SuperBowl! Shania Twain has given an awesome performance during the Super Bowl XXXVIII Half Time Show! She opened the show with "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" wearing high black boots, a black miniskirt and a silver-colored bras, with a long black coat on! She sang her new single "UP!" as her second song of the show while she walked on a catwalk towards the stands, high-fiving the fans! At the end of the song, Shania was lifted in the air on a camera crane above the crowd! A memorable performance from a GREAT artist! Cannot wait for the TOUR now! WAY TO GO SHANIA!
For more information on Shania and the Superbowl, including photos/vidcaps of Shania performing and comments from the fans go HERE! To view all post-superbowl images aired on different TV shows in North America, go HERE!
Shania Interview on CBC!Catchin' UP! On Dec. 9 the Canadian TV channel CBC aired a great one-hour interview with Shania titled "Catchin' UP!" An intimate interview with Ralph Benmergui with clips from her new video, the making of her new video and some sounds from her new CD. The interview touches on many issues: Shania's career, life and new album. To read comments on the show go HERE and to view vid-caps check the messageboard! Don't miss a new Shania Special on VH1 titled "Shania Twain: In Her Own Words"! Review Shania's performance video-captures from the Today Show made by Ford: Click HERE!