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VH1 "Driven" - Vid-Caps! 
Enjoy video-captures of the new VH1 Show "Driven" which premiered on January 15, 2002 with a full episode on Shania! The show gives Shania fans never seen before footage of Shania from the past, in addition to interview with people who have worked or been close to her. The article posted at explains in detail why the new VH1 show is such a great idea for all music fans: "The new VH1 series "Driven" brings the music world's biggest pop icons' unknown pasts to life with footage that the public has never seen, plus interviews with those special people who played integral roles in their development as artists and individuals, providing a rare glimpse at what they were really like." Thank YOU VH1! :)
Vid-caps below provided by Super Shania Fan Ford! A HUGE Thanks to Ford! 

Click on images to download a larger format!