Shania in French Magazines!

Enjoy a collection of articles and photos of Shania from French magazines provided by our great STUSOFC member and Super Shania Fan Claudine! Thanks Claudine! Images scanned by FV. Click on the pics to download a larger version.
TeleStar (Aug. 14, 2000): "She Has Sold 23 Million Records. Shania Twain. Music has saved my life."
"She is the new star of the charts. Her charm and her voice made her successful in the world. For Shania, it is a great revenge on her past characterized by hardships and drama. Her love for music has allowed her to survive. And made her life a modern fairy tale.."

TelePoche (Sep. 11, 2000): "The New Star of Music. Shania Twain After the adversities, Happiness rediscovered."
"Shania Twain.With a career of 5 years and only 3 albums, she has sold millions of records, collected a huge fortune. She has had a castle built in Switzerland, has married her producer. Together with Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, Shania Twain belongs to the golden voices. An exemplary success for a woman who has grown up in misery." "To have a baby? I think about it seriously."

"The performer of "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" is one of the favorites for the "NJR Music Awards", on TV Saturday January 20, 2001 at 20.55 on TF1. A Consecration for this exciting woman saved by music."
"I had to learn how to survive" explains the star with a tormented past. "I do not understand why people attack me." "I Feel Sexy only when I get out of the shower."
"A wild beauty and a personality of fire made Shania Twain one of the the most looked for stars in the world. The Canadian made it from far away..."

"...With another style, the singer Shania Twain chooses simplicity, almost a military one, with a short black dress, but not simple at all: the sleeves down the shoulders have been attached by point laces."

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