Please Support Shania's Cause!

Please Support Shania's Cause!


Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club Timmins Scrapbook!
Dear Fan Club Members,
The Fan Club is preparing a scrapbook to donate to Shania in Timmins for the Shania Twain Centre Opening on July 1st. Do you have poems, letters or simply photos you would like Shania to give a look at? Then, submit them! Our Fan Club Project Manager Joni is in charge to put the fans' contributions together. Here below are the details from Joni with all the info you need!

The scrapbook itself will be black leather and will be inscribed with a  title on the cover. The book will come from "Creative Memories" which is a tupperware type scrapbooking business.
There will be two options. I can mail a page from the scrapbook to you for you to complete with your contribution and then you send it back. Or, if you just think you don't know what to do I will put it on a page for you. I will let you know that this is all new to me, I have never made a scrapbook. There are many websites and craft stores including walmart that sell decorative items to complete a page, or two depending on what you are doing. 

The pages are 12"x12". You can Write letters on your own paper and then put it on a page or there are lined pages that can be purchased and sent to you (cost involved). 
What costs are there? An aprox. cost for the book and lettering is $60. Half of that cost has already been covered. Depending on how many people are interested as well as if you want a page mailed to you will determine the cost to the members who contributed.

1. Nothing Offensive. Letters will be read, all writing will be read to ensure this.
2. At this time the limit of pages per member will be 2. When the deadline is met for replies and pages are left you may inquire about more pages.  Now! If you're going to participate please EMAIL ME by 24 March, 2001. Let me know what you are doing and if you want one or two pages. 
This is a link for Creative Memories where you can get some ideas. I am more than happy to try and help you in any way, just ask, I'll pass along what I find out as I'm learning! 
Shania Fans,
this is your opportunity to let Shania know how much you love her music and support her causes!

UPDATE: May 4, 2002.
Shania has asked the Shania Centre to place the Scrapbook in one of the exhibits at the Centre. Here below is the email from Shania's assistant:

"Enclosed please find the scrapbook, which the US Fan Club presented to you for Shania. The scrapbook is very well done and includes some amazing writings from the fans. Shania always appreciates hearing how her music has touched individuals' lives in such positive ways. 

Shania has asked that the scrapbook be placed in the museum for all to view. It's a wonderful tribute to her music. Thank you for sharing this with us and thanks to the fans whom obviously put a lot of time into this project." 

The Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club
Stay Tuned for Photos of the Scrapbook on display at the Centre!