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Timmins Trip Photos! 
Fan Club Timmins Trip to the Opening of the Shania Twain Centre: June 29-July 3, 2001.

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Claudine DOC FV Mary Tower Roger Steve Tee Wing

Photos and Scans by Roger! Click on the image to download a larger format.
Shania Ambassador Sign
Shania's Handprints!
Fan Club Members at Handprints Site!
Tee, and her two daughters measure Shania's Handprints!
The Lucky Star!
Fan Club Members at the Lucky Star!
More Members at the Lucky Star!
Joni is Happy!
FV, Irene and Cbspock!
Shania Gardens Plaque
Steve, Terry, Cbspock and Shootist!
Fan Club Members at Shania Sign!
Maple Leaf hotel!
Who is this? :)
Wing, Irene and FV with MCTV Van!

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