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Timmins Trip Photos! 
Fan Club Timmins Trip to the Opening of the Shania Twain Centre: June 29-July 3, 2001.

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Claudine DOC FV Mary Tower Roger Steve Tee Wing

Photos and Scans by FV! Click on the image to download a larger format.
Fan Club Gang at Fionn MacCools!
FV & CKGB people with Pickles in Shania's Honor!
Joni and Cbspock with Frames donated to Centre!
From the left: Shania, TwainCrazy, Mayor Jamie, Spock and FV!
Shania Centre Plaque
From the left: FV, Shania, and Warrior under control...!
Do I really need to tell you?
The Shania Twain Suite!
FV, Centre Plaque and Wing!

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