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Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club:
Q&A with Brent Barcus! 
Thanks to the work of our great Fan Club member and Super Shania Fan Talkalot24, here is the transcript of the Q&A with Brent Barcus! Thanks Brent and Talkalot! :)

Q: I'd like to know how the work on BB & Miley's CD is coming along? And when they hope it will be ready for release?
A: Thanks for your question-as of right now we're are just completing a few songs that we're taking to record companies to get interest-very soon will be sending out a new song for everyone to hear and enjoy!

Q: I'd like to know (a) if you know if Shania ever visits Shania sites and messageboards and (b) how she's feeling? If it's been a relatively smooth pregnancy. THANKS!
A: As far as i know the pregnancy went very smooth-I've never asked her about the internet stuff-I'll try and find out-

Q: Will Brent be touring with Shania again when she goes out on tour?
A: As of right now I don't know-we're really devoted to getting Miley and BB off the ground and hopefully getting our music to the public-so that's my main objective because we feel we have a lot to share!

Q:  I would like to know what Brent and Miley have learned the most from working with Shania.. 
A: I'd say her work ethic-it's stellar-they work harder than anyone I know-and her ability to know what the fans like- 

Brent rocking! :)Q:  Does you know if Shania wants to get all of the members of  the band together again for the next tour? They were an awesome bunch I'd like to see them all together again. I have one other question but I'm afraid I also know the
answer to it as well. I don't suppose he would tell us Shania's e-mail addy??? LOL I couldn't resist I just had to ask.
A: She has invited everyone back but we'll just have to wait and see-everyone is off doing other things right now-and sorry I can't reveal that to you!

Q: Have you heard if Shania is doing a duet on her new CD? Do you know who she might be doing a duet with? Do you know if the rumor about Shania doing a duet with Michael Bolton is true?
A: I don't know much about the record yet-haven't heard about the duet rumor-

Q: How about, what most impressed you about working with Mutt?
A: Mutt is the best! He tought me so much about music and perfection-working until it's perfect.

Q: What Shania moment did you find the most touching/heartwarming?
A: I guess you mean onstage? I liked having the choir there everynight-it added a local appeal-new faces onstage-

Q: Brent, I have a question about the video for Come On Over. I was in Portland, Oregon for the concert at the Rose Garden. Shania said we were going to be in the video for COO. She said it would be done to the CD, and that you had to do it two times. Shania left the stage for a moment and then came back to do the song twice. It was a sellout crowd and very loud and happy to be there. What I want to know is what happened to the video?? When it came on CMT it was taken from the Dallas concert shown on Direct T.V. Thanks!
A: Really? I never noticed and I don't think I saw it very much-maybe they didn't get the shots they wanted-

Q: Although fans can come to any concert, if Shania wanted to specifically designate a concert at which online fan club members from North America met or reunited, what city would she like that to happen in? What city would Brent prefer that to happen in? What city would the whole band vote that  to happen in?
A: wow I don't know-I'd say it'd be different for every musician-I think we should do a show in Hawaii!!

Q:  How did you get to where u are today (playing up onstage with Shania)? Also what kind of guitars do you own?
A: A lot of years of touring and getting to know people in Nashville-I play a lot of different guitars -i like fenders and gibsons mostly-they seem classic

Q:  Here's my question, When did you first meet Shania and how did you get the gig playing in her band? 
A: I met Shania for the first time in 97-we were playing the Jay Leno Show-

Brent's solo!Q: When you were on tour with Shania, what were some funny tricks you/the band played on her? Thanks 
A: Actually she played the best tricks on us-always caught off guard-one night she had told the crew to detune all of our instruments for one song and see our reaction when we started the song-she had the real music playing on a tape in the sound system for the fans but all we could hear was terrible out of tuned instruments-we were all trying to figure out what was going on!! 

Q: What do you know and feel that you can share about the baby?
A:  I know nothing at this point-only that it's a boy!!

Q: Any more news on the album? It has been reported that Mutt said that this next Shania CD will be the best of her career; do you know anything about that? Is that something Mutt would say?
A: Everything they do is always the best-and that's why it takes time-they work very hard and never settle-

Q: What is the weirdest thing a fan has done during a concert to try and get Shania to notice them so he/she would beinvited to come onto the stage by Shania?
A: I think strap Christmas lights on their body like they're a tree!!

Q: What was it like performing at the Grammy's and doing those live CBS specials at Dallas and Miami?
A: It was the greatest-it can be a lot of standing around waiting for cameras but i love the performances-something about live TV that is exciting

Q: Is there something funny, cool, or exciting that you could share with us about Shania or your experience working with her?
A: She's just a great person-I miss talking with her on a regular basis-

Q: How do you like Tim? Does he go EVERYWHERE with Shania?
A: Yeah he's always there-I like him-very sweet and knows his job!!

Q: I realize Shaina doesn’t want to have an official fan club but do you think she would be willing to cooperate with our club if and when she tours again to provide us with reserved seating and/or meet and greet opportunities?
A: I'm not sure-that's definitely a management question

Q: "Hi! Im from Brazil and I really would like to know if Shania ever planed to come to Brazil or South America with her tour and if there is ANY possibility that the next tour come here to BRAZIL!  Thanks Marco"
A: Hey Marco-I bet she'll for sure play there next tour-I'm sure she'll make it to all countries-

Q: Are you working on the album with Shania?
A: Not as of yet-but maybe in the future-that would be great though-

Q: How did you get selected to tour with Shania? Do you have a story like Roddy?
A: Actually I recommended Roddy so i can take a little credit for his involvement!!HA! I really feel like it was God's calling for me and just having the right connections and playing exactly what they wanted me to play and sing

Q: Do you stay in contact with the other Shania band members?
A: Oh yes-most all of them-we're very close!!

Q: How often do you hear from Shania? Is it always by e-mail?
A: always by email or mail-we stay in touch every few months

Q: Is Shania ready to re-enter the spotlight in the near future? Do you know of any things she is now doing in preparation for coming back?
A: I'm sure she'll be ready-don't know when that will be

Q: Do you know if Shania is planning in public appearance anytime soon( perhaps the Country Music Awards in November)?
A: I'm not sure-sorry i don't know-we just don't talk about that stuff usually 

Q: Do you have any idea of when we may see Shania again and when we might can expect the new single?
A: I bet you'll see her sometime next year-and when you do it'll be great!!

Hey Thanks for the questions-I appreciate them-This week has been very tough with the terrorist attacks-our prayers go out to all of you who have lost loved ones-God Bless you all!!

Brent Barcus
September, 2001.