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Debbie 12-17-2003 05:06 AM

Anaheim, Calif. Concert
We just got back from the Anaheim concert. It is now 1:28 am so I will try to post this while still remembering how to type.

The concert was FANTASTIC!!!! The crowd was very into it and Shania was into the crowd! She at one point mentioned getting OVER the sniffles and that when she bends over to sign autographs her nose runs and she was sorry if she sniffed it. Her voice sounded great!! And a sign to me that her voice is much better was that she sang FAFA the origninal way. What I mean by this is that in the original way she sings the word "day" in different octives (I hope that I'm using the correct terminology) going to higher notes. In the special "Up Close and Personal" she sang the word "day" as one long lower note. She also did this in the two Vancouver concerts that I went to. I assume that she did this because she was just not able to hit the higher notes. Well, tonight she hit the higher notes like she used to.

She was quite funny tonight! She brought Up! two young ladies on stage with her that were quite a bit taller than her - not too difficult to do. She mentioned how short she was and then said that it was a good thing that she was not a guy because she was right at b**b level to this girls. And it was sooo true her eye level was right at their chests!!!! She also brought Up! a little girl to sing with her.

She was also funny when she messed UP! the words for "Don't Be Stupid". The person she brought UP! on stage with her and I can't remember if it was the little girl or the two 'tall' girls messed Up! the words to DBS really badly. The girls (I think it was the two girls) messed Up! the start of the song so badly Shania said "Maybe we should just get to the chorus!". So when Shania started to sing it by herself she messed the beginning UP! too. She made the band stop playing while she 'talked' herself thru the words and then said "okay, I got them now, we can start again" and then laughed and said that she often 're-writes' her own lyrics. She said that with singing these songs almost every night you would think that she would not have to 're-write' the words so often and then laughed again.

Well, it is now almost 2:00 am and my brain if fried! This was a wonderful concert - she sounded great - and if it gets any bad reviews --- well, all I can say is that then the reviewer must have had his/her head UP! their butts!

She started the concert in an Anaheim Ducks (hockey) jersery then went to the pink and green speghetti stap baby doll top and then to an Angles (baseball) jersery.

Time for bed - good night or is it good morning??! VEGAS next Yeah!!!!!:D

shabas 12-17-2003 05:29 AM

Great review Thanks
I'm glad Shania's voice is better:D

cbspock 12-17-2003 07:07 AM

I love that sense of :p Glad to see she is getting better.


isie 12-17-2003 09:15 AM

Anaheim concert
Looks like Shania's sporting a new ring at last night's Anaheim concert...I'll try and post pic:


Jackie 12-17-2003 09:44 AM


what can I say except-WOW!!! This woman is amazing. She sings through everything with such charisma and energy even with a cold! She was so cute. Dressed as Debbie described. The Woman in Me in the audience was the best point of the show. She sang so amazingly with jus tthe guitar playing. She signed numerous autographs and had numerous people on stage with her. She had a great sense of humor and the crowd was never "on their butts" as she told us we wouldn't be. Debbie, great review. Too late for me to post. I had to get up early for work this morning. But here are some pictures that I took. Not too hard to get my camera in either!!!


I can't wait for Vegas. It will be nothing less from this lady, I assume!!!:)

You know what-I need to do the pics later. I need help with posting. But I will do it tonight after work! Take care.


FV 12-17-2003 12:08 PM

Great reviews Debbie and Jackie! :BL I am getting very excited for VEgas..and I still have two full working days ahead...:rolleyes:

Debbie 12-17-2003 12:15 PM

Originally posted by FV
Great reviews Debbie and Jackie! :BL I am getting very excited for VEgas..and I still have two full working days ahead...:rolleyes:

But FV, I need those two full days to get my voice back after this concert!!:eek:

cbspock 12-17-2003 03:08 PM



Cheryl 12-17-2003 06:36 PM

Nice reviews guys!:) Can't wait to see some pics and I love Shania's sense of humor also! I'm glad she is starting to get better alittle bit!:) Have fun in Vegas! I wish I could be there with you, but I will be there in spirit!:D

esr 12-17-2003 09:01 PM

Thanks for the reviews! has a review of the concert...Shania was"visually and aurally flawless".. Sorry I don't know how to transfer the review to this site!

The reviewer liked Shania voice and energy but was so so on other aspects of the show ie he thinks some of the music is canned and not too keen on the band.

He Wishes she would do more of the accoustic "woman in me" style which "showcases the sincere and genuine talent underneath":) :)

vidaurri 12-18-2003 12:42 AM

shania rocks!!!! anaheim was packed to the rafters. I originally had 400 level tickets from the presale but luckily got floor tix from someone sellin outside.lucky me!!!! i saw J.D. the drummer, the two australian guitar guys up close because the were waiting to go down for their entrance and i was late gettin to my seat. it was great!!!the whole band looks in great shape from all the obvious runnin around on stage.
anyway, the whole show was very exciting. i was so glad for my seat because there we could stand and sing and clap the whole show. shania was so beautiful of course. the crowd was great!!!the level of energy in that place was awesome.
i could tell right off shania still had that cold and she admitted as much saying I have the sniffles but that's okay. i do not see how she does it and still runs around and sings all those high energy songs. i thought the woman in me part was a bit strained, but she hung in there cold and all. shania you are the best and i wish i could come see you at some of the other shows comin up but i have run out of money.(donated to second harvest and bought visor)merry xmas to me!!!!:BL

Jud 12-18-2003 01:08 AM

Shania Twain

(Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim; 16,000 capacity; $80 top)

Presented by Nederlander.

Band: Brent Barcus, J.D. Blair, Roddy Chiong, Cory Churko, Andy Cichon, Allison Cornell, Hardy Hemphill, Marc Muller, Randall Waller. Reviewed Dec. 16, 2003.


If you've ever watched a few moments of a Shania Twain primetime special, or caught a bit of a song from any of her numerous appearances on awards shows, or even just happened to be paying the slightest bit of attention to her during the last Super Bowl halftime show, then you essentially know all you need to about the Shania! Twain! Live! (or Up! World Tour 2003, by its real name) experience -- an energetic, well-paced, people-pleasing perf of pre-recorded music.

Like Twain herself, the show was visually arresting and aurally flawless. But it was ultimately and sadly confined by the slavish notion of having her surrounded by plenty of hip, colorful "performers" who all appear capable of playing several instruments and harmonizing through wireless headset mikes breathlessly ... all while hamming it up at strategic points onstage throughout the evening.

Rendered in-the-round (about as intimate as the Pond is going to get) with overhead vid screens, the show afforded everyone a good view of the singer as she glad-handed fans in the front rows while occasional fireworks punctuated 20-plus songs culled from her last three discs, produced by husband Robert "Mutt" Lange. But apparently, the sonic perfection he strives for in the studio is something she won't do without onstage, as most of the music sounded as if someone in the production crew cued up the original masters or a slightly tweaked "road mix" before the start of each song. (Thus Lange's presence was felt not only in spirit but in the background vocals, as he and Twain perform them all on record.)

Twain can and does, in fact, sing live, quite well, and appeared to waver a bit vocally only on the first song of her encore, "You're Still the One," whether from monitor problems (she's seemingly the only one onstage who could suffer from that) or the end of a long set after admittedly suffering from a cold that night.

And one song, "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)," was restarted after Twain lost track of a lyrical line, but considering that a false start and second attempt at a song in front of a studio aud in her most recent network airing was left in, one starts to wonder if even the appearance of a mistake is a bit of calculated misdirection.

If only Twain chose to include more moments like the "unplugged" version of "The Woman in Me (Needs the Man in You)" that she sang alongside a band member with just a classical guitar out in an upper-middle section of the arena. The backing vocals still sounded canned, and only those fans in the immediate vicinity might have been able to discern if the guitarist was indeed playing, but at least most of the artifice had been stripped away to showcase the sincere and genuine talent underneath.
I wonder what these reviewrs are understand really in music.
Shania's band made of award winning musicians, any dig on their capability just shows the lack of musical knowledge from the side of the article writer.

cbspock 12-18-2003 01:12 AM

I guess her band shouldn't be as PROFESSIONAL as they are. Maybe they should sound lousey, and they would be happier. :rolleyes:


Jackie 12-18-2003 01:32 AM


Jackie 12-18-2003 02:07 AM

Shania pics for real this time!
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Shania singing FAFA rotating!

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