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cbspock 12-18-2013 09:44 AM

Originally Posted by spike
I was able to be at the Dec. 14th show, the last show of the year! It was pretty much the same show that she did when I saw her back in March & November, but she added "Little Drummer Boy" before the campfire scene. It was great! Also, the dancers wore Santa hats during the finale.

A couple of us were there as well. We also saw the night before. Wasn't it awesome!!!! She needs to record it. Having seen the first 2 shows, and the last 2 shows it is night and day difference. Shania is more confident, her voice is even better now, and she is having a lot more fun.


FV 05-28-2014 02:45 PM

This past Memorial Day Weekend I went to two Shania shows in Vegas: I still get blown away by the show every time I see it! :shakeit: She runs the show perfectly from the first second to the end, she is having a lot of fun herself during the shows and really enjoys walking in the audience (Orchestra section) during AMOM and IOH, if you sit there you will likely be able to get a selfie with Shania!

The show list is the same as the previous year, but during the campfire this last show a little girl said she likes Party for Two so Shania sang a little bit of that with the band and thought about adding it to the sounds really nice! There are definitively more confetti than before, I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up the Colosseum after each show! LOL! :p As Debbie pointed out, she has added a lot of bling to her clothes, and I noticed some crystals on her eyelids as well...

The band sounds great and I really envy those fans who will be seeing Shania live during the summer in Canada. I will try my best to go back again in December for Christmas...... :Bthumb

Jim Colyer 05-28-2014 03:23 PM

Glad you got to see Shania. She is an amazing performing and has a lot classic songs. I saw her in Nashville in 1998.

cbspock 05-28-2014 07:14 PM

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see her again at the end of the year


Steve F 05-29-2014 08:35 AM

Wow, two shows!! I am so glad for you!


ExoticPersonage 07-16-2014 03:30 PM

Looks like Shania will not be renewing her contract as Caesar's has placed the words "The Final Shows" on their new cover photo for the last October and December dates.

FV 07-16-2014 06:24 PM

Time to start planning to go to Vegas again.... :bounce015

cbspock 07-16-2014 10:06 PM

Let's go!!


Steve F 07-18-2014 09:41 AM

I'm pretty sure she can always come back later & do it again. She has drawn so well, why wouldn't they welcome her?


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