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cbspock 12-04-2012 08:35 AM

"This has been a dream for eight years, including the two since we made that announcement," Twain told the Las Vegas Sun. "I'm exhausted, happy, thrilled, satisfied, but those quick changes will keep you pretty fit. I'm not as tired as I thought I would be from running backstage like a mad woman in and out of costumes. I'm in good shape. I feel good. My voice is in good shape."



cbspock 12-04-2012 08:37 AM

Wow! Shania Twain, 47, looks unbelievable at Vegas comeback concert

√Singer Shania Twain wowed fans at the debut of her residency show "Shania: Still the One" in Las Vegas on Dec. 2, 2012.

The concert marked the first time in eight years that Twain has performed on stage. Shania, 47, dazzled in a skintight glittery catsuit that accentuated her age-defying physique.

Twain had been in vocal rehabilitation for the past few years after suffering from a condition called dysphonia.

"I am being very conscientious [taking care of my voice]," Shania told Las Vegas Weekly. "I take a lot of steam showers, and I’m just being very careful. I take good care of myself."

Twain maintains her stunning figure by following a vegetarian diet and walking, dancing, horseback riding, and doing yoga and Pilates.

"I don't eat meat, fish, or eggs," she said. "I was never a big meat eater, but I've got more energy now," said Shania, who switched to a vegetarian diet in 1993.

"I eat a lot of tofu, and I drink soy shakes with fruit every morning. I always have soybeans, black beans, or chickpeas for lunch or dinner."

Twain has been out of the spotlight since her devastating divorce in 2008, when her ex-husband (and the father of her 11-year-old son Eja), Mutt Lange, left Shania for her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Mutt and Marie-Anne now live together.

In 2011, Twain married Marie's ex-husband, Frédéric Thiébaud


Ddiver7 12-04-2012 09:18 AM

Chris, you're too young to have that happen in your life too. Hope life is OK. We can learn much from knowing Shania as well.

cbspock 12-04-2012 09:27 AM

Originally Posted by Ddiver7
Chris, you're too young to have that happen in your life too. Hope life is OK. We can learn much from knowing Shania as well.

I'm fine, but I know what she feels like when she says she misses her mom, because I really miss my dad.


cbspock 12-04-2012 10:04 AM


cbspock 12-04-2012 10:08 AM

Here is a preview of the show, with a voice over...!


cbspock 12-04-2012 12:06 PM

Fan interviews!


cbspock 12-04-2012 04:46 PM


If this is what being in your 40s looks like, then sign us up now!

Shania Twain kicked off her Las Vegas residency over the weekend, taking the stage at Caesars Palace in a shimmering skintight Marc Bouwer bodysuit.

“The show is very fun for me,” Twain, 47, told reporters. “I was a bit worried that we were staying in the same place. Was I going to lose that edge? But I’ve never had a show this exciting before.”

Her glimmering look called to mind the Zuhair Murad bodysuit Jennifer Lopez, 43, wore while touring the world this summer. “My utmost wish is for each costume to create a ‘Wow!’ effect the moment she steps on stage,” Murad told PEOPLE at the time. “Jennifer has a beautiful body and wears each look perfectly.”

Yes, we know, there are likely rigorous workouts, serious shapewear, personal chefs and good genes involved in looking this hot in a bodysuit, but we’re giving major props to these women anyway. May we have bodies that look even half that great when we hit that age!

I think Shania has her beat.


cbspock 12-04-2012 05:08 PM

A 47-year-old woman hits the stage in skintight outfits….

…And the crowds go crazy!

Shania Twain’s gone and done it, staged a huge comeback in Las Vegas after nearly a decade off the stage.

Shania opened a 60-show run at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace Saturday night (Dec. 1).

And what a triumph: The crowd really did go crazy, causing Shania to wipe away tears a few times.

And the critic from the Las Vegas Review-Journal gave the show a B+.

“’Still the One’ is otherwise just about everything it can and should be for Shania Twain as a comeback vehicle,” the reviewer said. “It’s big, fun and full of surprises, the kind of show Ann-Margret wishes she could have done in the ‘70s.”


cbspock 12-04-2012 10:57 PM

JD's glasses


cbspock 12-04-2012 11:03 PM


Shania issue

For fans breathlessly awaiting some new tracks, no new album is currently in the works, though Twain hints that now that Still the One is going, her next project to tackle is hitting the recording studio. “I’m so confident how my voice is coming across in studio after working with Lionel and doing ‘Today Is Your Day,’” she says. “I know I am ready to go back in the studio and record an album, I just don’t have the time yet.”

When I remind her that fans will be booking trips and flying in from all over the world specifically to see her, I get an extra dose of Twain’s signature perkiness, as she gets giddy describing her excitement to see her fans.

“I don’t want to lose contact with them,” she says. “I don’t want to lose that element of being able to touch people and connect with them and not be separated from them. For me it’s like a dream, so to the fan it must be as well. All of the satisfaction will be magnified.”



jen 12-04-2012 11:03 PM

Originally Posted by cbspock
Ill admit when she started to talk about losing her mom I got all choked up and started to tear up. Having just lost my dad I could totally relate to the feelings she was talking about


Same here. I could totally mother was a teacher...I was following in her footsteps...she goes home to heaven...then I land a teaching job. I wish she could be here for all this, plus she could teach me a thing or two.

Steve F 12-05-2012 06:53 AM

I agree. I lost my mom nearly 7 years ago. Glad you guys talked about it.


Ddiver7 12-05-2012 09:18 AM

Shania has said, "You can get to know me through my music". This concert IS Shania Twain. She also once sang, "I want to get to know you". Shania was in charge of the content of this concert and therefore we can get to know her more.
I have been writing my thoughts and feelings of the concert and need your help.
I need to remember what songs she sang at which costume change.
I know she opened with "Gonna getcha good", which she did. She arrived on a suspended motor cycle, reminiscent of her arrival at the CMA. (Celine opened her concert with "I drove all night, to get to you.")
We all know of her camp fire scene as Eileen Twain. Of course, very touching. More to say about that later. I wonder if there were some moments of emotion during rehearsals or if it was all business.
The country scene was pure fun and enjoyment. Costume was "lots of fun" (Party for Two).
As was pointed out by my wife, there was the revealing scene of the black horse confused and running in the burning fire followed by the snow and white horse and then the emergence of a Beautiful Shania Twain in a pure white gown. Does this represent the last 8 years of her life?
She closed with the spectacular and well known "Man, I Feel Like a Woman".
Some of the media are writing about the entertainment aspect and what she should or should not change in the concert. They are missing what those here know about who Shania Twain is. You have studied her life, read all the books and her book, saw the TV specials, have gone to Timmons and Deerhurst, done needle points, and have had personal contact. I know she will be true to her life and music and keep the concert for truly what it is, her own thoughts and feelings, and for all, awesome entertainment.

Ddiver7 12-05-2012 10:03 AM

How cool is this!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by cbspock


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