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Jud 06-26-2003 10:21 AM

This week Billboard UP!date
Issue date 5 of July 2003

Billboard 200

UP! >>> #41 (43) , 31 wks on the chart.

Country top 20 Album Chart

UP! >>> #4 (4)

Top Pop Catalogue Albums

COO >>> #19 (21), 293 weeks on the charts

Billboard Hot 100

FAFA >>> #36 (42), this is great news, IGGG peaked at 34, so this song maybe can go higher even higher.

Hot Country Singles and Tracks

FAFA >>> #9 (10)

Adult Contemporary

FAFA >>> #10 (11)

tankandmaddie 06-26-2003 10:30 AM

That's great! I think it will surpass IGGG. It's nice to see that the album sales are staying stable as well.

FV 06-26-2003 11:42 AM

If CMT and VH1 keep doing their part...the album should hopefully remain top 50 in the US until the Chicago concert..after will get much higher!!!!!!!:BL

cbspock 06-26-2003 12:32 PM

I think it is an important time for the album. This is when it should get its COO legs, or completely fail. [of course it would be a 6million seller, if that is failing.]


tankandmaddie 06-26-2003 12:44 PM

I read the other day somewhere that UP! has sold over 8 million. That is worldwide of course,but I wonder what the US numbers are.

windcatcher 06-26-2003 01:51 PM

come on guys!!! we HAVE to keep on requesting FAFA!! this could be THE single!!

DivaDewdHote 06-26-2003 03:11 PM

Well Let us not forget.. that she can come out with another single that can really help her out too and to carry over til the TOUR, plus she also has the power to make UP keep goin UP UP!! I do worry bout what are the US sales and I hope She can make a single get into the top 20 will be great!!!

GetchaGood 06-26-2003 05:12 PM

Wow, FAFA is doing really well.. Go Shania! :D

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