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byrdman 07-12-2002 06:22 AM

Shania Center Gets Makeover
Read the lates news on the Shania Twain Centre in today's Timmins Daily Press :D :D

Includes diplays devoted to Shania's wedding and to the first CD cover.


FV 07-12-2002 08:12 AM

Will be telling you everything later tonight..going to visit the Centre with the new stuff in few minutes..:BL Bryce already went last nite as he got in...he saw great stuff.....will be taking very good notes...and bring back cool stuff..;)
Hi from Timmins from Bryce, Chris, Drumroll and FV! :D

cbspock 07-12-2002 02:45 PM

Well, the changes to the STC are fantastic. The coolest part of the centre is the addition of Shania's song notes. They have also made displays for the video outfits, each one has a background and props.

for the MIFLAW outfit, the background color is like the video, and they have two huge lipsticks leaning on the pedestal the dress is on. TDIMM, has cactuses and sand. Oh, and they even have the dress from FTMO.

The wedding dress display was really nice. They have never before seen pictures of Shania in the dress as well. One is a portrait of her standing in front of stairs holding a bouque of flowers. The other is a close up portrait of her face.

The had pictures of Shania with her horses wearing her helmet, and pictures of her horses racing around the corrall.


FV 07-12-2002 03:21 PM

I have a lot to tell regarding the new great exhibits at the Centre, but I do not have the time right now..let me just mention a few things, and I will be making a FULL length post on Monday..:BL
There are some new photos of Shania never seen before..2 of them with her horses..Shania is ready to be riding and wears an helmet! LOL!:D plus 3 pictures about the making of the video of DWTOTBY with Sean Penn..provided by Merucry Records....
About the song lyrics..the original below are some of the lyrics that did not make it in the final version of the songs..You can see Shania's handwriting! GL
TDIMM: "If the president needs advice you'd be the one he'd call"
MIFLAW: "Shout out as loud as I can" and "I don't need much from no one just the one I depend on"
YSTO: the original title was "YSTO (I kiss goodnight)"
We have been "knowledge consultants" again..LOL! :Bthumb We have talked with the exhibit designer Rick Klimo answering questions about some of the awards...I will give a description of all the dresses that are out..wait, I almost forgot: there are 2 close up photos never seen before of Shania wearing her wedding dress..close up photos...really cool! Be back on Monday with more and the photos..they have changed the entrance sign too..:BL

cbspock 07-12-2002 03:24 PM


They also had a never before seen picture of Shania at the 1999 Grammy Awards. :eek: :eek: She was in the white dress, holding the 2 awards infront of what looked like an ice sculpture of a big grammy award.


AINAHS 07-13-2002 11:33 AM


byrdman 07-14-2002 10:00 AM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :GL :GL :BL :BL

Have a great time, guys! :)


Sheri 07-14-2002 01:56 PM

This is SO COOL!!!!!!!! I just ACHE to be there!!!!!! ENJOY, everybody!!!!!!

FV 07-15-2002 03:36 PM

Great Stuff!
Here below is a description of the new Shania memorabilia and exhibits at the Centre. I have taken photos of the showcases in the lobby (to be posted as soon as I get the film developed), but could not take pics for the rest of the exhibits due to copyrights issues.


In addition to the TV Special Outfit that Tower’s photos already showed, there are 3 more showcases on the left side of the lobby. One is the electronic guestbook from where fans can sign the Centre online guestbook as well as send emails to friends with special postcards of the Centre..these postcards will be available at the Centre shop soon..
The second showcase contains the music sheet of the Shania Waltz…..I had never seen the actual music sheet before…the Timmins Symphony has also donated never seen before pics of Shania from that magic night when they played the Shania Waltz from the first time to her..:) The third showcase is the outfit Shania wore when she went to Timmins for her 1996 homecoming..with photos of course..
On the walls in the lobby there are photos of Shanias and other memorabilia: from the right of the ticket entrance walking left, in order you can find: the STNAOFC Timmins Daily Press AD Frame (:D ), a Grammy pic of Shania from the backstage area when she went posing for photos after winning the looks like a never seen before photo…as Spock said in a previous has an interesting background..when I get to post it you can tell me whether you think it is actually a rare photo or one of the old ones worked on..
The next photos are Shania promo photos from her previous photoshoots…then there are 2 large newspaper clippings: one from september 1993 when she did that special concert at TS &VC for the release of the debut album….and another one of a local music award she received….interesting info in both cases

Once you passed the ticket control, you enter the Hall of Inspiration, this is the section for the fans’ memorabilia donated to the Centre…on the right there is the large map some of us saw at the opening,..then there are 3 columns..on the first column on the left there are three plaques with photos of Shania from the Party in the Park performance donated by the UK Traditional Fan Club. On the right there are 2 large showcases: the second one contains memoraibilia from the photoshoot in Timmins for the debut album cover…photos of the backstage scene never seen before..the first showcase contains memorabilia of Shania’s perfomances with the Longshot and at Deerhurst: they have the original jacket with her name on as Eilleen Twain from when she worked at Deerhurst…I asked how they got it, Will said Shania still had it in her closet! :D and Shania is still shipping more stuff to the Centre for new exhibits to be added throughout the year..
Now back to the description…on the right of the hall there is the Wedding Showcase…the wedding dress and photos from that day of Shania and her brothers and sisters. There are 2 photos that I had never seen of those is a close-up of Shania (with one of those photographers backgrounds…)..the other is a photo of Shania posing with the stairs of what looks like a hotel in the back….
On the column right before the wedding showcase, there are 6 photos of Shania and her horses….2 of them are her horses only..(by the way Bo Derek is sending in more stuff…:)) 2 others are photos of Shania (never seen before) ready to ride her horses…in one of these photos she has a black helmet on…On the other wall there are the baseball photos donated by can also see them at his website..
Then on to the lyrics…there are several note pad sheets on the next wall..those are the original pieces of paper where Shania wrote the lyrics to her songs…You can see the changes made…the original ideas and the further edits…It’s really interesting to see how a song one case Bryce and I think that Don’t Be Stupid and IMHOTL were originally one song that was split into two…
On the same wall further down there is a large collection of Magazine covers: they have been donated by a local Timmins fan and show how Shania has remained in the media throughout her career….
New room: now we are in the next hall (which was originally where the musical instruments only the wall-keyboard has remained there…they have a long showcase with Shania outfits from 4 videos. From right to left: the Grammy’s one (everything except the boots), TDIMM, YSTO (the dress here is actually a sort of beige-white…it looks different from the color you see in the video…) and YGAW. AWESOME STUFF!
In the Centre of the same room there is another of those pedestal showcase (like the one in the lobby for the TV Special outfit) with the dress from the DBS video.

PART 2: more dresses and the awards: to come soon!

AINAHS 07-15-2002 06:03 PM




Thanks ever so much for such an in-depth description!

We cannot wait for more details!

Sounds like a magnificent visit, eh?:D :D

IntimateRiver 07-15-2002 06:59 PM

Thank you both for your detailed reports. Timmins has always just been a name of a town somewhere in Ontario Canada, to me. After reading your news, I went out on the Internet, and found maps of Ontario and of Timmins. Do either of you live near there? The closest I've been to that area of Canada, is Detroit. How many miles from Windsor is Timmins. It sounds like a great place to visit someday.. What is the weather like? gary

Roger 07-15-2002 07:44 PM

Originally posted by IntimateRiver
How many miles from Windsor is Timmins. It sounds like a great place to visit someday.. What is the weather like? gary

Windsor to Timmins is 615 miles or 10 hours actual driving time. Weather in Timmins? - warm in the summer and in the winter - don't ask!!:eek:


FV 07-15-2002 08:44 PM

Originally posted by IntimateRiver
Do either of you live near there?

I flew in from the UK, Spock came from NY, Bryce drove up there from Toronto and Drumbeat flew in from San Francisco...:BL There have been somany Shania fans going to the Centre from different parts of the is worth it the trip! :D The Centre with its memorabilia is a real Shanialand for all Shania fans...:) not to mention that the city of Timmins is a great place to visit ...
It sounds like a great place to visit someday..

ABSOLUTELY! There have been fans who have driven in from all over North America...!:GL

Bryce 07-15-2002 09:02 PM

Re: Great Stuff!
Originally posted by FV
It’s really interesting to see how a song one case Bryce and I think that Don’t Be Stupid and IMHOTL were originally one song that was split into two…

It was MIFLAW and IHOTL(TSML) that appeard to have been split into two songs. Or it may have simply been two songs being born at the same time. At the top of one page was the title Man I Feel Like A Woman. And then what followed was familiar lyrics and unfamiliar lyrics that didn't make it. Then at the top of the next page was also the title Man I feel Like A Woman with an X through it and the lyrics that followed were that of IHOTL(TSML).

Shania may have simply been jotting down things as they came to her and then discovered what she really had was two great songs. We may never know the reason behind it. But it was fasinating seeing those hand written notes.

I think it was the notes for YGAW that were very difficult to follow. There isn't much blank space on the page. There are notes going in every direction, including the margins. LOL

As much as I enjoyed all the added exhibits seeing these hand written song lyrics was an absolute thrill. :)


AINAHS 07-15-2002 09:02 PM

I betcha guys got the entire lowdown on Shania's release dates for first single, album etc., eh? :D :D :D :D

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