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I think what happened is the interviewer got a rise out of Faith and decided to just "go for it", and see what she could get Faith to spill.

I found another article releated to this on the RR board....
Here's yet another take on it, from Stacy's Music Row Report:

Here's What's REALLY Happening On Music Row!

I am fascinated by *Tennessean* columnist BRAD SCHMITT’s take on KATY McCOLL’s *Jane* magazine cover story on FAITH HILL. Brad says Katy asked "all the questions that have been whispered on Music Row for years... whether [Faith] slept with her first serious (high school) boyfriend," the real story about Hill’s engagement to live-in love SCOTT HENDRICKS and her rumored affair with ALAN JACKSON in a "smarmy self-congratulatory tone" that left Schmitt feeling "creepy." (And how much does it take to make Brad feel that way?)

One of two things was at work: Either Hill was ambushed or, while the terms of the interview had been negotiated, Faith was feigning surprise about the questions. As to Brad’s feeling creepy, Schmitt needs to think about the company he keeps, including the rumor-mongers to whom he refers.

Since Katy's interview is promoted on an archived page from Faith’s official Web site even as any mention of the article appears to have been removed from the site, it seems that whomever scheduled the interview on Hill’s behalf dropped the ball. In any event, it’s incompetents such as the one who may exist in Faith’s camp, Schmitt’s unnamed Record Row pals and reporters who bolster a publicist’s case for reasons to negotiate terms of an interview that make it hard for the rest of us to gain the sort of access we need to report (just the) facts, without agreeing to play the game. Or to buy into it...
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