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Excellent show. Shania received her first standing ovation at the start of the show. The show takes a lot of the video imagery and turns them into set pieces for the show.

She sang Quitter live it was awesome.

Getcha good opened the show with an opening movie which showed Shania riding a horse which transitioned into a motorcycle, the front of it looked like s horse head. The bike flies out on stage and Shania has landed in a sparkly version of the iggg outfit.

Songs like quitter, no one needs to know and boots as well as any man of mine use a western saloon, and town as their back drop and set, Shania decked out in jeans and pink boots, and pink cowgirl style top shows her country style. The video transition has Shania riding into town and walking into the saloon where she encounters herself dressed as a gunfighter dressed in black.

Shania also transforms the stage into a camp site in the woods, where she and Carrie sing rock this country, come on over and today is your day.

Shania shows her sexier side for That don't impress me much. The video intro for the song lets just say Shania know how to work a pair of eye glasses lol

She also performs still the one, from this moment, and I'm outta here. She wraps up the show with Man I feel like a woman.

The band was awesome! JD still uses his drum charts and since nothing explodes near him, he has ditched the goggles from Come On Over and Up! Tour and now wears glasses with lights on the side, it is a cool look for IGGG. You can get the same glasses at CVS for 25 dollars from what he told us at the after show

One of the touching moments of the show the band plays an awesome version of the TWIM melody as images of all her videos plays on the giant screen. It was an awesome look back at Shania's work.

You could tell Shania was nervous when the show started, but as the show went on, she got more comfortable and confident and her voice was even more powerful as the show went on. It was great to hear musicals re-interpretations of the classic Shania songs with some new but familiar arrangements.

Well that's all for now. Time to get some shut eye it's 3:30am here

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