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Originally Posted by DOC BILL
Definately a must see show and I'm so glad I got to see the first show because there were some special moments in that show that may or may not be repeated like the initial standing ovation and her tearful show of emotion at times. I absoultely loved it and am so proud of her for being able to put it all together as she did. Likely without Carrie we might not have seen her sing live again from the sounds of it. Regardless, see the show if you can-I promis you won't regret it! I'd love to see it again tonight but unfortunately I have this 26.2 mile trek I have to do!! Doc

I agree the first moment she walked out on stage and she received the standing ovation it was great to see and feel that.

The show is really worth coming to see. There are things for both the casual fan and the fans like us who know her story and her struggles over the past couple of years and it was nice to see she made it back.

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