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Twain Not Concerned With Performing
1 hour, 35 minutes ago

PARIS - Shania Twain (news), possibly on her way to becoming the first female singer with three 10 million-selling albums, can afford to be a little contradictory.

"I never burned to perform, and I don't care if I ever perform again," Twain said in a Time magazine interview on newsstands Monday. "I have no need to do that."

A few hours after that October statement, the 37-year-old Canadian was singing her signature ballad, "You're Still the One," with an aspiring singer on "Star Academy," a French reality game show in which amateur singers share a house and vote each other out on the basis of their musical progress.

Twain's pop-country "Come on Over," released in 1997, sold 19 million copies to become the most popular album by a female singer in American history.

Twain and Whitney Houston are the only women to have two albums sell more than 10 million copies each. And Twain's newest album, "Up!" released Nov. 19, sold 874,000 copies in its first week, giving her a good head start toward reaching eight digits for a third time


Shania doesn't come off too well in this Time magazine peice. It sounds like she doesn't have clue what she really wants to do.

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