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she is not a country singer!!!

shania spent the day in spain, started the day with her fans,some contest were scheduled in order to win some meet & green with shania twain last days and the winner meet shania yesterday, after that she went to the academy to meet the contestants and give them some advices, she said "if i were you, i will stay in the academy some days and i will leave it in order to create my personal carreer not a commercial carreer scheduled, (this show its 3 months long),then i will do what i want"(shania said this more or less with other words but this meaning) , then all performed acapella a little bit of "you're still the one", she was so pretty and all the boys were , then she said she was not a country singer, in 1992-1993 the record company said she was gonna be a country singer and she did it, if they would say, sing rock she will performed rock , she said that the only important is the music, not the style, music is music, and you must explain your feelings and try to make happy others with it, she said that in 1995 she began with her real carreer, as she was at last singing her songs, written by her and then she was saying what were her feelings.after a little bit of talking about how difficult is music world, she left the academy .

at night she open the show after the video of the academy with shania, it was showed with "when you kiss me" in the background and she started singing "i'm gonna getcha good!" after the presenter said that she was the most selling woman in the world, number 1 in usa and that she was for the first time in spain (he didn't know that she came when she was writing last album) and she wanted to be with all the spanish fans in the most watched program (operacion triunfo), he said shania was so great as she has sold 35 million album of "coo" and it was the 6 album most sealed in the music history,the shania started, she was wearint jeans, and a grey top, the girls of the program were doing the backgrounds for shania, and she was singing in live, she was with all her band, the chinese violinist,the piano-guitar all the band was with her except the girl who sing sometimes with shania that i didn't see, i think that music was playback but for sure voice was live, she was a little bit upset, and she started the show in one place and don't move it of it, i think maybe she did it in order to perform and excelent song, shania sounded like a cd, but in live, she was perfect voice, but not so much funny, she was spo pretty and after the song, she give her hand and some kisses to the girls and left the program, in the 24·7 channel didn't show shania as they use to do with other artist, they use to interview them before and after the show but with shania they didn't interview her, i really think it was because she didn't wanted because they have do it with all and with the other artist of the night "pancho cespedes" they did it, maybe she was so tired of travelling, i don't know .

i really don't know if she will increase so much her sales here in spain because she was so upset at appear like a diva ,difficult to arrive to her, maybe she was promoting the album and as in promotion they came for free to the tv shows, she was upset for that reason, i don't know, but well after all shania demostrate she was a great singer and at last she has came to spain.
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