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I Was There - Shania was gorgeous!


What a great morning. I can't remember when I woke up so early (6:00am) - But it was worth it to see Shania!

I got down to Toronto's Yonge & Dundas square for about 7:00am - and there were already a couple of hundred people there. I wedged my way into a good spot behind a barrier near the front of the stage/platform.

It was THE best place to be because it was right by the entrance way where Shania was entering and exiting. She was there for about an hour co-hosting the show. She looked fantastic! She came over to me a couple of times - and she autographed my red Roots 'CANADA' baseball cap - the same one she wore in last year's interview with Ben Mulroney on CTV.

What else can I say? I think my photo may appear in the Toronto Star because they (and lots of other photographers) took my photo when Shania was giving me an autograph.
Look for me in the red CANADA baseball cap.

whoo hoo!
'It doesn't matter what you wear, 'cause it's only gonna be - you and me there' Whoo!
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