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Shania Twain/"Endless Love"
"I actually called her, not knowing that Shania had not had a note come out of her mouth in seven years. Little old naïve me… I said, 'I'm thinking about "Endless Love"… I promise I will guide you through this song'—not knowing she was in complete vocal paralysis." Twain agreed but wanted to cut the song at her beach house in the Bahamas to avoid people knowing about the session. "I'm thinking, this is the most secret song I've ever done in my life… We fly in with a stealth crew… I wake up in the morning, go into the living room, there's Oprah's OWN, the entire show, sitting in my living room! I said, 'Guys, you gotta get out of here. She's scared to death of people.' They said, 'No no no, Lionel, we're with Shania. She's doing a show called 'How I Got My Voice Back.' I'm now doing an interview saying, she's got her voice—I think! They're saying 'No, Lionel, up to this point, she's not been able to sing.' Now I'm getting scared, because we spent the [album] budget to come down! She walks in and says, 'I don't think I can do this.' That's when I told the cameras to cut off… I , 'I promise you, when you walk into that room and stand in front of that microphone and open your mouth, you will turn into Shania Twain'… The first note you will hear from Shania on 'Endless Love' is the first time she opened her mouth to sing."

I look forward to hearing the 3rd (but recorded 1st) song on her journey back.

All Eilleen had to do was spin around really fast....

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