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Originally posted by tides24
EOTY: Kenny, in an upset.

Female: Reba. Martina winning is getting old. Reba hasn't won since the 80's and has made a comeback on the charts this year. Who won't want to see that moment?

Vocal event: Jimmy Buffet and company. They're performing it. Always a tip-off.

Song: Live Like You Were Dying.

Horizon. Gretchen Wilson in a mortal lock. No way she walks away empty-handed. She is their new darling. The anti-Shania.

Reba paid for that comeback unfortunately thanks to her label. I was up in the air about the Jimmy Buffet thing, you might be right about it winning. Gretchen winning, I am still on the fence with it, because it would also acknowledge the "power of the muzik mafia" on the row, and we all know how Music Row does not like anyone who has power.

I would like to see Sara get something, since it would be a new winner at the CMA.

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