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Originally posted by tides24
EOTY: Kenny, in an upset.

Female: Reba. Martina winning is getting old. Reba hasn't won since the 80's and has made a comeback on the charts this year. Who won't want to see that moment?

Vocal event: Jimmy Buffet and company. They're performing it. Always a tip-off.

Song: Live Like You Were Dying.

Horizon. Gretchen Wilson in a mortal lock. No way she walks away empty-handed. She is their new darling. The anti-Shania.

I don't think Kenny will be an upset, he had a big year and he is liked by CMA's more than Toby.

I agree Gretchen will not go home empty handed, if she does that will be a shock. Afterall they have to show Shania they accept her in Nashville, right?

I also predict standing ovations for most of the performers, except Shania & BIlly
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