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This is the most we have ever heard Shania talking about her parents.

Shania talks about her parents death, GBC is playing as they tell the story.

Shania was shocked, devastated, she came to grips with taking care of her siblings, she felt all alone "We are on our own for the rest of our lives"

They talk about Jill, and how she had a family that she needed to take care of her. Shania had to take care of her younger siblings on her own.

Shania puts her career on hold, she sought help from Mary Bailey.

Mary knew Shania from all her gigs, and knew her mom as a backstage mom. Shania has smile on her face when talking about deerhurst.

"This is where she became an entertainer"

lots of good pics.

Shania decides to head to nashville..."She decided she never wanted to be poor again, and she was just going to "go for it!""

Shania heads!

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