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Originally posted by Knight1
This review was by Roger Catlin of

Shania Twain In Concert
November 25, 2003

Eight years ago, Alison Krauss won four awards at the Country Music Association awards, beating the much more commercially popular Shania Twain at every turn, including the Horizon Award.

Some saw in the two singers the twin poles of late-20th-century country music, with the purer acoustic traditions of Krauss opposite the sexy pop styles of Twain.

Tonight, Twain gets the upper hand by hiring Krauss & Union Station as the backing band for her new specia,l "Shania Twain: UP! Close and Personal" (NBC, 9 p.m.).

The ability to have a second network special off the same album and hire one of the most respected bluegrass bands for the effort shows the considerable clout of the still big-selling Twain.

But in nearly every rendition here, you may find yourself straining to hear the beautiful harmonies of both Krauss and Dan Tyminski of Union Station (best known as the voice on "Man of Constant Sorrow" from the "O Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack).

And when was the last time you tuned in to a star's special to hear the background singers?

Despite the abundant talent on stage, Twain never lets the hired hands take a verse or approach a real duet. It's all about Shania, as she sings to a studio audience when she's not nervously babbling to them about the most inane things.

Dressed in skin-tight leather and surrounded on each side by the audience, it's no secret she's copying the formula of the "Elvis" 1968 TV special with far less effect (in which her rocking consists of an AC/DC cover).

Not only is she not Elvis, she's not even Alison.

So, do you think we will send him enough emails so he can earn that 20,000 dollars after taxes??? lol They all have to show how smart they are. You can tell he hates Shania. The contempt drips from every word.

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