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shania rocks!!!! anaheim was packed to the rafters. I originally had 400 level tickets from the presale but luckily got floor tix from someone sellin outside.lucky me!!!! i saw J.D. the drummer, the two australian guitar guys up close because the were waiting to go down for their entrance and i was late gettin to my seat. it was great!!!the whole band looks in great shape from all the obvious runnin around on stage.
anyway, the whole show was very exciting. i was so glad for my seat because there we could stand and sing and clap the whole show. shania was so beautiful of course. the crowd was great!!!the level of energy in that place was awesome.
i could tell right off shania still had that cold and she admitted as much saying I have the sniffles but that's okay. i do not see how she does it and still runs around and sings all those high energy songs. i thought the woman in me part was a bit strained, but she hung in there cold and all. shania you are the best and i wish i could come see you at some of the other shows comin up but i have run out of money.(donated to second harvest and bought visor)merry xmas to me!!!!
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