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and we are back............

18...No one needs to know...

Shania...Talking about her movie I heart was it different from videos. Videos are more intense to get as much done as possible in a day. Since she was a guest on the set, she was treated like a queen...(shania giggles). She said she was in only in a few seconds. She was having fun, eating, and meeting people.

They didn't show the whole video

17...Don't Be Stupid... has a whole irish feel. Shania said she learned the line dancing on the spot. She also said it is amazing what editing can She liked the the idea of having glitter on the drum like she thought Van Halen did in one of their videos.

16...I'm Outta Here I wish it were higher on the list. This is my all time favorite video. Tracy did a great job of copying the window. She just needs to add a light.

email in brazil

Jamie from Toronto...record an accoustic album?
Shania said she would love to do that WHHOOOHOO!!! She said she is sure she will at some point!!! Shania would sneek her stuff into her sets when she was performing in bars, she would just play her guitar.

[commercial break]

So far this is a really good special.
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