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TOBY KEITH belts out that ‘What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico’, but in SHANIA’s case everything that went down in Mexico we’re here to tell you. Recently Shania was in Tijuana, Mexico to shoot the upcoming video for ‘Ain’t No Quitter.’ The video was shot over two days and only one with Shania. Shania’s inspiration for the clip came from Urban Cowboy and the director took her idea and vamped it up for 2005. The director also mixed up the dances so it wasn’t all country and two steppin’. The best part is that it all takes place in the setting of a country bar. Now as you can imagine there aren’t many country bars in Mexico so the director converted a steak house restaurant into the bar you will see in the video. He even brought in the bar, the dancers and all of the neon from Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see it!
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