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Forever And For Always!

Just finished watching the brand new video on MWL Forever and For Always. I absolutely loved it! The video has such meaning in it and Shania looks like an angel. Another Paul Boyd masterpiece and another sheer brilliant video by Shania. I have to say with everything that has gone on in our world this last while it is so wonderful having great music and videos to keep us smiling. Shania all your fans are so thrilled to have you back you were missed. Shania always entertains us her music continuously inspires us she truly is amazing! I truly love every video she has made within her career but this one I think is one of the real special ones. The video was beautifully done and what a great message of the meaning of love being ever lasting! The image of the couple on the beach and seeing them in there older years it is wonderful! Shania once again through melody and lyrics reminds us of what a wonderful and precious gift love is. Watching the video I couldn’t help but think of the remark Shania made about how Mutt said: “Now more than ever we need to make this record” and I’m so glad they did. There seems to be so much negativity in our world right now we need to have something to remind us there is still so much good in this out there.
Shania always shows such elegance; she truly is a class act all the way! Congratulations Shania you continue to impress me much!

Twain Crazy!
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