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Originally posted by Sheri
It was me, and I agree!!

And can someone describe those 90 precious seconds, please?

Well Shania describes her sexy image, and how it is not really who she is at home. It was the standard Shania speech. They showed clips from TDIMM, IGGG, MIFLAW, Up!, FAFA. She talked about having fun with her videos. They showed a picture from the photo shoot, that was not used, it was really nice too. I thought is was sexy.

I will re-watch the tape later and give a more detailed description.

Debbie, I agree. Shania has said she does have her limits, and will only go so far. I liked the pictures, and thought they were really nothing new compared to her past sexy "pin up" style shoots. I still don't understand how Shania was beaten by X-tina. Shania showed so much class during her segment, she showed she had a brain in her head, like Leanne Rhimes did. Shania was able to describe herself, her image in complete sentences. It is unfortunate that class lost out to crass this time. Shania has had a longer career than anyone that was on that list.

As to the party, Shania was probably at home cleaning her toilet.

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