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Shania rocked South Philadelphia last night! She and Eja are fighting off colds she said, but she seemed to even more energy than she Wed night in NJ. The set list was identical to the NJ show with one exception: she sang Happy Birthday to a little nine year old girl named Allison. Lucky girl!!!

Shania wore a Philadelphia Flyers jersey to open the show. She told a couple of funny stories that related to the jersey. First, the Flyers had given her her own Flyers jersey back in 1999 when she sang the National Anthems of the US and Canada before a Flyers/Maple Leafs game in Philly. The jersey has "TWAIN" on the back and a big number "1" on it. The funny thing is that it's too big for her to wear or she would have worn it last night. The other story happened when she was a child in Timmins. She and her sister were foraging in a dump near their home for salvagable items when they found a perfectly good Flyers jersey in a bag of clothes. They kept the jersey and she wore it around the house for many years.

Next change had Shania in the yellow spaghetti strap shirt that she wore in NJ the other night, except this time she wore a pink shirt underneath that covered up her bare midriff. It was pretty cold in the Center last night, so maybe that's why the second shirt. Just a guess.

Last change put Shania in a Donovan McNabb/Philadelphia Eagles midnight green jersey! Go Eagles! E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!!!! Anyway, I digress.

Most of the crowd was on their feet for the entire show. The Wachovia Center was rocking! The acoustics were much better than they were in the Continental Airlines Arena on Wed night. Shania and the band sounded so much better.

Having learned that Shania sings TWIM while sitting in the audience at the last show, Tricia and I tried our darndest to locate any markings that would indicate where Shania would be singing this time. We couldn't find anything to give her location away. Wed night two seats were clearly marked but we didn't know why. Something to look for when you go to see Shania.

YSTO was the first song of the encore. I listened more closely tonight Chris. LOL!

A couple of songs from Up! really rocked the house: In My Car, What A Way To Wanna Be, were exceptional!!! Great energy, phenomenal rhythms. Everybody in the house was dancing. Awesome! (All of the songs rocked, I just thought those two were the best.)

Must have been those great Philly Cheesesteaks! This was the best of the five Shania shows I've seen.
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