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Shania Review In Detroit Oct 24th

I Shunyeuh Was At Marys when I did the post!

Starts out something like this.. there was alot of stuff that happened at this concert. that was SWEETTT like where we were sitting we got to see MUTT, he was right near where we were sitting we got to see him and face view which he isn't bad looking at all... (esp in person).. that was right before the concert started.. I love how at the beginning of miflaw where the band members started played and they had an out line of Shania but, she wasn't there.. we got to see the area where she came out from but since it was so dark we only got to see her as she was heading up the stairs to the stage.
Most of the people there had no clue about that.. now on to the awesome part of the show.. Mary and I bought a bouquet of peach roses with the stusofc button on it to give shania during the concert , I asked the security guy before the concert if i could give them to her he said nope and made it sound like all the roses that she gets were not for her and that she wouldnt get them and that the security were the only ones allowed to give them to her... As the concert went on and I continued to hold up the sign i made and use the glowsticks... i was watching people go up to the stage and hand her the roses, during the song what a way to wanna be there as 2 girls and their parents standing talking to the guy who seats people to see if they could take their flowers up to the stage to give to Shania so as the song was going on i walked over to the guy to see if i could take our peach roses to the stage to give her.. the guy told the 2 girls to go on up there then he told to to go up with them .. SO AS IM HEADING DOWN THE ISLE THE SECURITY SAID GO A HEAD SHANIA WAS ACCEPTING PEOPLES ROSES AND SIGINING STUFF I WAS THE LAST ONE WHO HAD GOTTEN SOMETHING SIGNED SHE SIGNED MY CONCERT TICKET AND THEN AS SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYE I WAS LOOKING AT HER TRYING NOT TO FREAK OUT SHE WAS SUCH A SWEETIE AND SO NICE ALL I COULD DO WAS JUST LOOK AT HER IT WAS SO UNEXPLAINABLE CAUSE IT ALL HAPPEN SO FAST :O OMG I WAS SO NERVOUS I HAD ONE FOOT ON THE STEP OF THE STAIRS AND I HANDED SHANIA THE ROSES AS I WAS FREAKING OUT I SAID THESE ARE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU! IT WAS THE AWWE THATS SO SWEET FACE.. SHE NODDED AND SAID THANKS.THAT WAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.. REACHING UP TO HER TO HAND HER THE ROSES .. THEN I WATCHED LAY THE FLOWERS DOWN ON THE STAGE AAAAAHHHHH OMG DID I ACTUALLY DO THAT! As i heading back to my seat i forgot what i was doing i was listening to wbhybbu? as she was playing that song i was in my own world i took off in the wrong direction so i got lost in the venu during the concert heading back i finally found my seat he rotflmao.
Shania let 2 girls sing shes not just a pretty face with her, she also invited 3 girls up on stage shania read their sign that said its our birthdays.. so she invited them up on stage then the aunt came up with them.. lets see whats next she did the drawing before i went to the stage.. Shania picked the number for the raffle some guy in his 30s not middle age.. won he came up after i was at the stage.. He was so excited that he won to get on stage he got a hug from her and he was doing his (arseno hall) hand motion. Back to Shania She said that she was reading the signs throught the audience... J.D did his drum core performance and she talked about during lgmet that he still cant say it. She Continued on with her medly in the audience of ywml, coo, and when! I Loved her from this moment on performance and my fav any man of mine.. im going too let Mary Tell the Rest of this! After the concert we ran in to TwainCrazy. as we were talking to her Randal From the Band came up to her so we left! then we headed down to meet up with the fanclub memebers.. we also met up with them before the concert also. As she Was singing im outta here and few other song she went downt to the floor and was signing autographs and she reached down from the stage.
Oh and during If out not in it for love im outta here the bandmembers lifted shania up on their shoulders.. Oh and i loved it When she sang When and Anyman of mine.. but when the lights turned off she went in to the audience and sang her medly of songs.. during im rock this country she added detroit in to the list of locations in the song.. oh and she shook her butt durning the song.. she did her shimmying to tdimm during the song rock this country.. the confetti came flying down from the ceiling.. the fireworks were awesome.. then the concert ended after rock this country. she said her thank you’s and goodnight and she left!
One more thing i need to add She wore the Redwings Jersey and bluejeans for the first outfit, then the yellow tank top with black bra and blackspants with the chain, she had black boots with yellow shoelaces, now the 3rd outfit was the pistons shirt with jeans ... She wore the Redwings Jersey when i went to give her our roses!
Sorry This is So Out Of Order! im rembering it as i start to end the review!

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