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Thank you Girls for those two wonderful revue's. So much excitement and fun and pleasure, such a great read. I have only seen Shania the once live, (July 12th Hyde Park) so I have my ticket for the Glasgow Feb 22nd event booked and soon will be posting just like you!

I am so glad you both had so much fun and WAY to GO Natasha (twaincrazy) meeting up with the Band again. I was privileged to meet Natasha and her Mum at the 2003 Worldwide Shania Twain Fan Convention in Timmins where she autographed her famous print of the painting she presented to Shania in her "Man I feel like a Woman" video outfit for me and signed it "forever and always" Natasha, which I thought was really sweet.

So my mission when Shania comes to the UK is to go to as many concerts as I can afford and get Shania to sign that precious print for me as well! Now that would be a collectors item, and a treasure I would value above all.

Richard from the boards has already got his print signed so there is hope. He got a big HUG from Shania on stage as well which made his heart melt. I think he is still high in Shanialand as I write
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