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Just downloaded the album from iTunes, here is my first impressions

Swinging - reminds me of ainít no particular way, should make a fun song on tour

Home Now - I really like this one. Itís cool hearing a new style, yet this song could have fit in with the songs on Up! Very new country

Light of my life - an interesting song, The style of the chorus sounds like some sort of throw back overall I like it

Poor Me - love the lyrical twists in this one, took me a few listens on the pre-release to get into this one

Whoís gonna be your girl - love the country western open on this, so far this would go on a favorite list if she has horses in her show, she is going to come out riding one for this song intro lol

The new songs are pretty low key compared to the arena friendly come on over

More Fun - I like this one too very different, sort of reminds me of come on over

Iím Alright - I really like this song, an interesting country ballad, love the finale, another favorite to add to the list

Letís kiss and make up - love Shania singing with piano, reminds me of the blue version of the up album lol another one for the favorite list should be fun on tour

Love her new voice, reminds me of the way she sang on the woman in me

Where do you think your going - wow why are my eyes leaking, this song hit me as a tragic and sad song. - great song another for the favorite list

Roll me on the river - should be fun on tour, another good song

Itís going to take a long time to get these songs ingrained like her old ones and learn of the words lol

We got something they donít - I love this song, another favorite this is Nowís forever and for always bet this song ends the set list before the Man I feel like s Woman finale

Because of you - love the acoustic arrangement another awesome Shania ballad, reminds me of youíve got a way.

You canít buy love - a great up tempo song, this is gonna be a fun song on tour

Lifeís about to get good - this song took some getting used to, but the hook is killer like gonna gotcha good this song has grown on me since the chorus is stuck in my head

Soldier - such a beautiful song

All in all - love this uptempo song p, this is going to be an Island video

I like this album, itís very different from her past work, but you can see some of the old in the new. I think itís her most personal album.

Itís great to have a new album! Welcome back Shania

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