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Screaming fans welcome Shania Twain on torch run
Posted By Len Gillis
Posted 7 mins ago

Shania Twain jumps up smiling and waving as she enters the Hollinger Park in Timmins carrying the Olympic Torch.

Despite bitterly cold temperatures and a biting wind, Shania Twain wowed the hometown crowd in Timmins this evening as she ran the final leg of the Olympic Torch Run into the Hollinger Park and Fred Salvador Field. More than a thousand fans that endured the minus 30 wind-chill, screamed and cheered as the hometown singing star entered the field.

Twain, clad in the familiar white torchbearers uniform was clearly as delighted as her fans as she proceeded the final few metres to the stage, she stopped for a quick photo opportunity and jumped up and down, smiling and waving. Moments later, Twain ran onto the stage where she used the Olympic torch to light a ceremonial cauldron to kick off an evening of entertainment.

The official stage belonging to the torch run organizers could not be set up since the hydraulics were frozen. A massive television screen behind the stage was also a victim of the cold, as as the top portion of the screen was frozen and could not display a full image.

Twain was the last of ten runners involved in the Timmins portion of the torch run which began in South Porcupine at about 6: 14 p.m. and ended at the Hollinger Park at 7:00 p.m.

Once on stage, Twain described the experience as "pretty overwhelming." She admitted she could have enjoyed some milder weather

"In a way it just feels really beautiful to be back up north in the cold. I know that sounds crazy," she said.

"It wouldn't be Timmins," she laughed, "if it wasn't, you know, forty below with the wind-chill!" The appreciative crowd hollered and cheered their approval.

I think this is so fantastic," she told a master of ceremonies. "What it shows is the spirit of the people from the north to be standing out there on the road for all these hours in the freezing cold; all of you, it really does show your spirit. I am glad to be home. I am glad to a part of this."
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