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Originally posted by corran

You have to take into consideration that on CMT America there is a fairly large percentage of male viewers...So they will influence the voting rather severely...But if they did the voting by sex category the results would be rather interesting to say the least...But I think you understand where I am leading to...I would think that FAFA would have definately won out amongst the females... But FAFA is definately my favorite over MIFLAW hands down...I don't go that much for the flashy even though I must admit Shania looks fabulous in MIFLAW and it is a very bold statement for Shania to males and females for that matter...But you would be suprised how many males love that very boldness of the video MIFLAW...But I think with each video Shania makes a statement in some direction or the the other...Those videos all convey something to the audience...More than any other I think it was MIFLAW that rocked country to its core...The other one would be That Don't Impress Me Much...

I also think that the voting results did not suprise Shania at all...If FAFA had come out on top, I think that Shania might have shown some suprise...


I agree with the comments about FAFA and WIM as well. I like MIFLAW! and predicted it woudl be the number one video as it ended up being. But going back to something Steve F said earlier. In this video to me, Shania has too much makeup on. Plus I think she looks better with the longer hair, rather than tied back and in the top hat. With that said, I understand this video was a parody of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love", so I understand the reasoning for all of the makeup. Although i found it amusing, the role reversal, Shania being the lead singer with male backup "guitar players" instead of the females as in Palmers video.

FAFA is just an awesome video about love, which I think is Shania's best romantic video to date as you can see the storyline playout as opposed to in YGAW or FTMO where Shania is simply singing or YSTO, where the video cuts back and forth to the guy and Shania, with both of them only being in the final scene where she sings "I'm so glad we made it, look how far we've come my baby."

"I'd love to wake up smiling, full of the joys of Spring, and hear on CNN that Elvis lives again And that John's back with The Beatles and they're going out on tour. I'll be the first in line for tickets -- gotta see that show for sure."

~Lyrics from When by Shania Twain and R.J. "Mutt" Lange.
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