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The Walk of Fame is a chronological history of the Hollywood-based entertainment industry and honors those who have made significant contributions in the categories of radio, television, motion pictures, recording and live performance.

The official nomination period is announced in the Hollywood Entertainment Trade publications and an appropriate news release is disseminated to the Los Angeles area print and broadcast media.

The Walk of Fame Committee meets annually. Nomination of an individual or group does not automatically equate to approval of a star in the Walk of Fame. Several hundred applications are reviewed annually, from which an undetermined number is selected. All nominated artists are carefully and objectively evaluated. Those not selected the first year will automatically roll over for a second review the following year. If it is not approved in the second year, nominees must be resubmitted

When nominating an individual or group, the sponsor must submit the nominee’s qualifications as well as contributions to the community and/or civic-oriented activities. The application must be accompanied by a biography (not exceeding two pages) and photograph of the nominee. Non-returnable samples of the nominee’s work may also be submitted (i.e. in the recording category -- a music CD; Motion Picture – a DVD). After the Walk of Fame Committee has made its selections, the artist must be approved by the following agencies: the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles City Board of Public Works, with the final approbation being the Los Angeles City Council.

Criteria for Star on the Walk of Fame
1. Professional achievement
2. Longevity of five years in the field of entertainment
3. Contributions to the community

The recipient must agree to attend the dedication ceremony.

In case of a fan nomination, a letter of agreement must be sent by celebrity management.

There is a five-year waiting period after death for nominations of deceased individuals. The Committee does not necessarily select posthumous honorees each year.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes every effort to schedule a dedication ceremony on the date requested by the honoree. A 60-day lead period is needed for required permits, the manufacturing of the star, and advance publicity.

Please be advised that if your nominee is selected and the induction does not take place within five years of the selection date, the nominee must be re-submitted during another voting period.

The sponsorship fee is $15,000*.
The Committee does not accept signature petitions, postcards or letters.
Deadline for nominations is May 31, 2006**.
For more information call (323) 469-8311.

Send submissions to:
Hollywood Walk of Fame
7018 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

* Sponsorship fee subject to change.
** Although the deadline is May 31, 2006, applications are accepted all year long. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible before the deadline date. Due to the large number of last minute applications we receive at the deadline, we cannot guarantee confirmation of receipt. If you turn in your application in the months prior to the deadline, we can immediately confirm receipt of your nomination and let you know if it contains all the necessary information.

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