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Originally Posted by Steve F
Some of you many know that I had rotator cuff surgery on my right arm eleven weeks ago today. I am progressing fine, but while I was just doing a set of my exercises, I had a thought.

Shania has won about all the accolades she possibly could already, got enough $ for the rest of her life, plus now she has spilled her guts to us, and now she has showed up to the CMA's. She did a great skit with Taylor Swift and gave away an award for Male Vocalist. So, what does all of this mean? In an interview I saw here today done at the time of the last Why Not show, she mentioned she hadn't decided what direction she would go with her album, but had a good idea. Based on all of this, here is my thought. She will do an album with a lot of country influence material, similar to the WIM. Maybe I'm all wet, but that's how I see it. Of course the way things usually go for me, she'll probably do a CD of AC/DC type stuff and sell a ton of em'.


I'm really hoping it won't have a heavy country influenece. One of her favorite artist in P!nk. I am hoping for a pop/rock influeneced album. It would sell more than a country album.
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