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Originally posted by Kringlegirl
I have kind of strange question for Americans who drove up there.....

Did your car insurance company required you to fill out forms or carry special insurance card for your time while being up there? Did you have to spend extra cash for the car to be insured for Canada?

Because I've been looking at my insurance company's site and nothing came up for international driving. I know I'll be insured for whole trip since I have national wide insurance company. I was planning on going to Canada last year and my Dad told me I had to get it cleared from headquarters before I left so I couldn't go.

By the way, since I found out I can get international money orders from USPS and they take credit cards. I'm going to mail out my registration form tomorrow or Tuesday I figured since I sign up so soon...I have no choice but to save and my parents can't say "No."

I found it a lot easier than I'd have guessed, to get the answer to that question, when I simply called my car insurance agent. Service is included in your premiums.

It may vary from one insurance company to another. But I suspect most of them are similar.

State Farm covered my vehicle in Ontario, same as it does in any other state outside Michigan. No problem. No extra fees. But verify with your own company, because other people can't know all the answers to your own personal situation.

I too, have trouble finding info online sometimes. It depends on the company. Sometimes it's better to use the phone instead. At least with an insurance company, you have an agent usually with a live person answering the phone.
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