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Again another photo of shania and Mutt, with Mutt's face blurred.....both Shania and Mutt were workholic, Shania was lonely....Photo of Shania and Marie-Ann, with Marie-ann's face blurred....Fred talks about his ex-wife, Shania says she asked Marie-Ann about whether Mutt was being strange, Marie-Ann says no..! Fred told Marie-Ann and Mutt that they had to tell Shania about the affair...!

Shania crushed down and was miserable....Oprah said Shania was ready to die when found out about affair...... Shania says she was angry she came a long way from where she was....shania reads from p. 354 in book, she was shaking, she was very cold after the betrayal, physically and emotionally. Shania could not get out of bed, but she had to, due to Eja going to school.

Shania wanted to hear the details, to maybe help was hard at the moment, but was able to go through it, even if her imagination was going wild at the beginning, it was better to know it all. Shania never got the details. She called Marie-Ann and no details from her.
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