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Shania turns to Fred, videos of Shania and Fred at home...Fred was safe...they shared pain. It was beautifully twisted. Shania cannot complain: she has a beautiful man. fred says Shania is a true engine?

Oprah what did you think? Can I go there?
Shania: she had a distant friendship with friend initially, she was friend with Marie-Ann.
Question to Fred: were you shocked about your wife's betrayal?
Fred: yes.....

Oprah joking about Shania's concern of men not wanting her after divorce....Shania says feeling rejected it is natural....something is wrong with you if your husband does not love you.

Shania says bad things need to happen to give you perspective. Oprah: Every death is a wake up call to live more presently.

Next: Shania sings karaoke with one of great fans. This looks painful...LOL!
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