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Originally posted by cbspock
Sheri, the tape will be in the mail Saturday. The glimpses of the Centre were really nice. I would say you have to watch this special twice, and the second time you can really pick up the subtle changes in Shania's body language when discussing the end of the tour. Shania really needed it to end. She said she was really lonely, and it made her really bitter. Her personal assitant said it took Shania about 6 months to come down from the tension of the tour. The way Shania talks, it is like she is reliving the moment when she decided for it to end. When she says she was lonely, you just want to reach into the TV and give her a hug. When she talks about "the new love in my life" she brightens up.

Would it be possible maybe for someone to send a copy of the show to Norway? I can`t tell you how happy I would be!!!
Do you know if we have the same VCR tapes? (Europe-America)

Also if anyone have the Juno Awards...
I would so much appreciate it!
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