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Shania Twain will trigger more than one sense when she kicks of her highly anticipated headlining show Still the One in Las Vegas…

The country icon reveals to Up Magazine she’s bringing sights, sounds and smells to Vegas.

“It’s not just visual,” she says. “You’re going to experience seasonal changes: there’s a lot of temperature changing that goes on in the show; there’s a lot of nature in the show.”

In addition to the weather elements of the show, Shania mentions fans can also expect to hear only her biggest hits.

“I want to reconnect with everybody based on what we have in common, and that’s the hits,” she says.

And speaking of changing weather, Shania tells the mag her next album will be Christmas one.

“Once the show is underway I’m just going to – no pun intended – chill and fall into one of my nostalgic modes and make a Christmas album,” she says.

Still the One kicks off at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace December 1st.

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