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The good mood rocker from the next door

Shania Twain makes the Frankfurt festival hall dance. A megastar for touching

Michael Bermeitinger

A rock Diva with voice and radiating presence. Shania Twain in Frankfurt. Foto: Josef Knorr

The woman has power. And constantly good mood - sticking on good mood. But it is not only the radiating smile on the beautiful face of Shania Twain, it is her whole being (kind). As she dances, the fans enmeshed and the whole arena embracing her. Rehearsaled and well-thought? Possible, but who cares. And even if: the 38 year Canadian works genuinely, brings her show more authentically to here. Shania - the good mood rocker from next door.
She belongs to the mega sellers in the rock biz, over 40 million sold CDs in only five years paved her rout way upward. Times pure rock, then classical Pop ballad, times with more, times with less country priming - it can vary. The same with her concerts. In Chicago in the Farmer-land with howling Country playing the violin, at the Superbowl 2002 as Diva with large orchestra, and in Frankfurt ones gab's now the rocker Shania Twain - occasionally even for touching. The show is unusually open for a star of their caliber. The oval stage stands in the middle of the hall, without large barriers and spaces, only a few file sits all around. Shania fans are not knows as wild crowd. But already at the first beats of "Man I Feel Like A Woman" it jumps on its legs and the arena stands. Which with the seated through concerts otherwise is an exception. In addition, fast afterwards the fired "UP!" leaves no chance to sea down.
Shania was not aloud, supported by an 8 member band, less well working sound system, which constantly raves around the stage. Whereby the strong, but badly merged guitars and key board carpet bury her voice again and again under itself. That clouds occasionally the fun, but bad mood never arises from the 10000 people. Shania Twain hammers hit after hit in the arena: "Don't Stupid", "Forever", the unorthodox "Ka-Ching" and the impudent woman power without brakes of "That Don't Impress ME" or "I'm Gonna Getcha". With the calm "Women in ME" she sits then on the interior tier in the middle of the public and plays, only accompanied by a acoustic guitar, the whole range of their voice heard. Unfortunately -beside the only calm sequence, the lady remains likes it rather heartfelt rocker. And hops and dances merrily over the stage, not presenting herself differently or better than the fans before her, to whom she constantly gives autographs or hand gladding. Whether now genuinely or only as a perfectly produced show - in the end it interests none. Not even that the whole straight fun took one hour and forty minutes.

I think it's a very good review, and since this is a well known newspaper, others also printed/posted the same review.
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