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Originally posted by FV
So far the newspapers' reviews about the Frankfurt concert are mild...they do like the music and the effort, including the musicians...but the critics do not like the autographs signing, the confetti and the perfect organization of the concert... One of them calls the concert a "Pop-Operette"...and Shania's career a soap.. tja....they do not know what they are missing..
Funny that they acknowledge how the fans were happy during and after the concert..
Those are the issues that have been on the reviews here too.
Funnily, I don't understand what's wrong with the practised manouvres? I mean they are good to look at, and entertaining... what do they want? Everyone standing in one place, and if moving around, bumping into each other?
I'll take the spectacular practised one any day over that!

And yes, all reviewers have noticed how entertaining the concerts are for the fans
I guess they just need to find something to critizise from it, after all, they are called critics
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