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I called the Newcastle arena and they confirmed it would happen again!!!

So anyway, the box office seemed to be pretty well, er, stupid to be honest!!! I asked the girl if it was for promotors or fans and she said fans!!!! So why the "new" fans aren't added to the back I don't know. A new thing, maybe, last come first served.....

So then she said "But it's OK, there are still plenty of tickets left!" what does this mean? I'm lost!!!

Then she asked me my seat numbers, and she said "Oh, you'll be OK they are in the middle of the row...." So I asked about the other fans that will be "not in the middle" and she said if you go on the website you can see exactly where your seat is, so I did this and all it shows is a seating plan, just like when you book the tickets. She made out that you type in your ticket number and it tells you if you have been moved.

So anyone who wants to find out about THEIR seats should call the arena on 0191 260 5000 and ask to speak to the box office.

Be warned - they are not the brightest people, I've spoken to 5 year olds with more intelligence.

Anyway having being reassurred that my seats have a PERFECT view and there are no seats in front of mine for some reason (how, I don't know if 5 rows have been added) if I turn up on March 11th and find myself 5 rows back there will be hell to pay!!!

Good luck to others who try to complain!!! I'm guessing Shania would be furious if she knew, so I might try to sneak a note to the stage crew to pass on to the tour management tomorrow so they can give Newcastle Arena a warning.

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