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This was posted by ShaniaDKfan:

Well. I got to see Shania for real!

Unfortunately, she slipped into the studio at the "TV City" through a back intrance or something, so I never got a picture or a autograph.

The Boogie-show is like Total Request Live at MTV, where you outside, through the windows, could see her in the studio getting interviewed. The studio is (unlike MTV) at the ground floor, so I was less than 2 meter away from her.

I have to say, she is really short and skinny, Well: TINY.

About the shows:


The interview:She wore a demin-cap and black blouse and jeans: She has been in Denmark a couple of times. Musically, she progressed over time from country to several styles. In the beginning, her record company said she had to make a choice; country. Still it was her music. With the current album she had the chance to be combine different influences. She can make songs from "Woman In Me" very rock or pop. The current album has 3 versions. She reffers to impressionist painters, who paint the same scenes in different lights.

They played the "Ka-Ching!"-video.

SMS questions: Her songs are from personal experience; her female perspective.

It depend whether she is hard to impress, but she is easy to please (She has never met Brad Pitt).

Her most embarring thing, she has experienced on stage, was when she fell because she didn't see a running tread mill. It was in Toronto.

Star For A Night

Shania performed "Ka-Ching!" with a lepard skin-cap, black blouse, bare belly buttom and brown pants.

She jammed "Still The One" with the 6 contestants, sitting down on the stage stairs.

The interview: They talked about her first performance. She was 8 years at a Telethon. She never practice her voice. An advice to the contestants: Stay original and true to yourself: That makes you original.

At the Boogie-show there was some people, who managed to get an ID-tag, saying they knew someone at the TV City, and got to meet Shania and got an autograph at the rehersals of Star For A Night in another studio at the TV City. They said that she was very nice and pleasant.
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