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I think that you can get off of your high horse! This was the best concert that I¹ve been to all year and believe meŠI went to a LOT of concerts!!! I was even up stage with Jon Bon Jovi and got to touch him! (That¹s saying a lot, I think) The name of the Tour was UP! Don¹t you think with that that people should learn the lyrics to the album that she¹s touring??? I understand that people want to hear her older songs butŠI wouldn¹t go to concert and NOT know there more recent songs and if I did, shame on me! And wait a minuteŠshe did play a lot of her older stuffŠI thought it was very well balanced. I thought that she was wonderful, especially when she took the time to sign autographs and take flowers from the audience. I was able to get my concert ticket signed, she took my rose, and I was one of the lucky ones that got to sing with her (making audience members envious!) I sang one of the new songs ³What a Way to Wanna Be² and I made an effort to learn that song! I had my concert ticket for a month and every day I listened to her new CD knowing that I was going to that concert. I drove my husband crazy for that month but it was SO worth it, I got to sing with her!

I think that this is the worst article that I have read and, you are a journalist not a critic. Try to write a better article next time!
s is the letter my friend sent to that reporter
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