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Another plug for the docuseries....Shania is already video of Shania in Timmins going back to her original home there with Carrie-Ann, showing the family bedroom (I can't believe they let her in!) Carrie-Ann speaking too about her life...abuse from her step-father, Carrie-Ann's feelings about her mother being beaten, the house was shaking and pounding....

Parents died in 1987, younger brother survived, Carrie-Ann cries, Shania tried not to. All her life Shania suppressed her emotions.

Oprah asks about the ability to forgive the violence, accepting the violence in these situations.....Oprah talking about the image of abuse impressed in your mind as a child. Shania thought her mother died at her moment.

Shania says she loved her parents, her father who gave them so much. He was a great guy, everbody loved the high price of fame.
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