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Mutt and Marie-Ann never admitted adultery. Shania reads the letter she wrote to Marie-Ann asking her to leave Mutt (it's in the book). asking for peace....Oprah says this letter will help many women not to do it! LOL! not to send this letter to your husband's begging for women....
Oprah thinks Shania is not holding Mutt as responsible for the breakup, Shania says she considers herself responsible in part for the break in communication with Mutt. Shania could have accepted the end of her marriage,, but not the way it did....Shania figured mentally she would never sing again, because she also lost her co-writer and producer....he was the only person to work with in 14 years. Oprah says she contacted Mutt, but he declined to come or comment.

shania says she does see Mutt who is a private man. Shania avoids seeing Marie-Ann at all costs. Shania has an agreement with Mutt that Eja will never be a part of Marie-Ann's life! Shania did not want her child exposed to Marie-Ann who took away her family's happiness.

Next: Shania's new husband, it's twisted.
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