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Re: VH1's "What It's Like"...

Originally posted by Mary R
Just got done watching VH1's "What It's Like, The Return Of Shania" I so enjoyed that. Sure wish it would have been longer, but hey, we take what we can get! Will have to watch a few times to catch all that was covered. Shania, Carrie and Shania's long time friend (can't remember what her name was) were the ones that were doing the taping. Got to see, short clips of interveiwers being taped by Shania, clips in the limo, on the private jet, in the green rooms of where Shania was appearing for CMT's Live & Up Front, Much More Music, and clips from those shows. Also where she met I think it said about 100 fans that won a contest to meet her. Shania also had clips of a couple of her photo shoots. She had some clips also of her practice and so forth for the Today show. Now Shania also had a short clip of her meeting a special fan at the MMM show. This girl gave Shania a fantastic picture that she drew. I love that pic! If I'm wrong, correct me but I do believe it is a fellow member here, was that you Natasha (Twain Crazy)? You looked great! One lucky person you were to have met and talked to Shania, and get a big hug! But to see yourself on tv and for all others to see, well, wow! There was so much more, but like I said, I need to go and rewatch again to catch it all. So anyone else watch the show already? What did you think?!

Mary R

TC I will make sure you get a copy of the special!!

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