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If this is what is going to be on the show, I think we will see more of Eileen Lange, than "Shania Twain"

Who is your hero?
Shania says, her mom is her hero.

What would she change in her life?
Shania says she would not change anything, no regrets.

What is your nickname?
Leeny and Woody

What is the way to your heart?
Generousity. [Shania was starting to say something else, but changed back to her original thought]

What do you do to be healthy?
Shania says she eats well, her diet is the key to health.

What is your favorite food?
Pie, [shania giggles] Fruit pie.

Favorite travel desitination?
So far it is Paris, since there are so many places I haven't been.

Favorite Book?
Shania really thinks about this, and says "The Liars Club"

I so can't wait for this special. Looks like this is going to be on the scale of "In her own words"


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